Acoustic Audio PSW-15 down Firing Subwoofer Reviews

Upgrade your home theater sound system with the Acoustic Audio PSW-15 down Firing Subwoofer. This acoustic audio subwoofer can be a great addition if you want to enjoy in-wall home and in-ceiling home entertainment. It features a beautiful black ash wood finish which blends perfectly with many home audio systems. Having the acoustic audio PSW -15 raises the impact when you are watching movies, TV shows, or listening to playlists, among others.

One of the best things about this subwoofer is the built-in high-efficiency amplifier that contributes to a clean and crisp bass sound. It features a long-excursion cone that offers precise response. To get a deeper understanding, check out acoustic audio subwoofer review.

Important Features of down Firing Subwoofer

Digital Drive Amplifier

This is one of the best subwoofers that feature a built-in digital drive amplifier for the best sound output. On top of that, this amplifier has an adjustable gain and level control, low level, speaker level, signal sensing auto on and off function and a variable low pass frequency control that all contribute to quality sound.

Great Design and Finish

When you are buying a subwoofer, it is great to look for something that will complement your home theater unit. This subwoofer features a black ash wood finish that gives it a beautiful and modern style. This style complements the look of any home theater.

Efficiency and Maximum Bass

This subwoofer features a long-throw subwoofer at the bottom. It features a long excursion and a PVA treated cone that offer an accurate response. Additionally, the bottom enclosure has sleek triangular feet and a slotted bass port to give you maximum bass output.

Ported Enclosure

This is another essential feature of this subwoofer. The internal bracing and lining make it steady and remains stable even at the highest volume. It is designed to eliminate distortion, and the free low frequencies get rid of resonance.


  • Has a nice finish
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Offers accurate response
  • Great for small rooms


  • The internal amp overheats


  • Q. Does it use 220V or 110 V?
  • A. They have not stated in the specs. But I plug it in a standard 2-plug wall outlet.
  • Q.Do I require a receiver?
  • A. Yes, you need a receiver.
  • Which type of power plug does it have?
  • A. It has a dual plug with no ground connection.

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Final Verdict:

A quality subwoofer like the Acoustic Audio PSW-15 down Firing Subwoofer can make a big difference in your current sound system. After checking the acoustic audio PSW-15 specs, you can be sure of an improved sound system. Not only does this unit complement your home theater system, but you will also love the bass and sound quality. And if you want to enjoy quality sound from the comfort of your car, you can try the acoustic audio subwoofer.

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