Top 10 Onkyo Home Theater Receiver Best – Guides and Reviews 2024

Do you want a proper cinema experience? If yes, there is no need to go out for a night disco to enjoy music. Sometimes it is risky, dreary, too much cold, and probably, you can end up being sacked. That’s why it is essential to enjoy fresh music in the comfort of your home if you have onkyo home theater receiver best. You only need to gather some few necessities, and all will be set. You will buy a good set of speakers and an onkyo home theater receiver.

The home amplifier is the brawns and the brains of any cinema system at home, and this will enhance your TV and films to produce unusual sounds. A video and audio receiver is a backup system for your home theatre. A big thanks to technological advancements in the field of music.

However, before you give that dealer your cash buying the vintage Onkyo receiver, you need to be extra careful. Firstly, there are numerous manufacturers in the market: some produce them to make money while others build them to satisfy you as a customer.

Therefore, the ball is on your side if you want an excellent product that will not make you regret in the future, perform detailed research on the best receiver. The good news is that this article picks on Onkyo home theatre receivers best.

Top 10 Onkyo Home Theater Receivers Best Reviews

  1.  Onkyo HT-S3700 5.1

onkyo home theater receiver

If you are on a mission of searching for top-notch that resembles its name and features more than your expectations, Onkyo HT-S3700 meets your needs. Probably you want to use it in your LCD screen, or Onkyo thx speakers, you have to worry less because the image quality will be super. If you want to use onkyo home theater receiver on the amplifier, the sound quality will be top-notch. It is among the best receivers to focus on.

Onkyo HT –S3700 is among the Onkyo home theatre best as it has an inbuilt Bluetooth 2.1 with an EDR and DSP optimization that is perfect for wireless audio transmission. This feature allows you stream audio signals from your PC and smartphone without difficulty — no need for wires or dongles. The advanced DSP acts as a music optimizer that compensates for audio compression.

Also, this powerful Onkyo home receiver best has a high-resolution audio processing design. With this feature, you can decode and comfortably run the Dolby True HD audio set up. This processing feature comes with a 32-bit chip with high quality 192 kHz brown DAC that helps in creating smooth decode. It establishes large formats to DVDs.

Onkyo is designed with a Wide Range Technology that helps in high current delivery. This feature is perfect in the distribution of instant currents that is needed by the speaker drivers for excellent sound emission. The WRAT is backed up by the high output transformer that helps the amplifier produce low impedance output.


  • It features tons of connectivity
  • It is designed with Great sound production
  • It has a wide range of voice controls


  • Sometimes it may fail to function correctly with different types of phones

Why We Should Choose It

Firstly, it is ranked among the top in the list of Onkyo home receiver best as it features 6 ohms for quality sound production. Also, it has two channels driven to add more convenience. Furthermore, many households have claimed that this Onkyo home theatre receiver is easy to use and operate as you connect it with your phone via Bluetooth, and all is set.

You can listen to music at your comfort.

  2.  Onkyo HT-S3900 5.1

Onkyo HT-S3900

Despite the model name and tweak, this Onkyo av amplifier model is refreshing. It is a new music system with a dynamic sound, as well as a streamlined simplicity. By the way, it is among the home theatre receivers best used in events such as sports, movies, live concerts, and more. Have a look at its amazing features;

Onkyo HT-S3900 home theatre receiver comes with powerful and compact speaker systems. It features a 6-piece speaker system perfect for smaller rooms. With a solid feel and a high-gloss finish, these powerful speakers deliver fantastic sound with fantastic interior design. The subwoofer creates more oomph to the bass-drum kick with an added explosion.

It has a compatible USB input, which you can use a flash disk filled with WMA, MP3, and AAC files to enjoy powerful song reproduction. Nevertheless, the D/A quality conversion and DSP listening programs also help in sound enhancement perfect for every type of music you want to listen to.

Onkyo HT S-3900 has HDMI 4 in 1 out pass that supports the newest ultra HD 4K/60 Hz with High Dynamic Range video. The advantage of this is that you can connect your viewers and players with a single cable that links the TV and AV unit installation. Furthermore, the HDMI terminals transmit the latest video types and format to your display.


  • Powerful and clean sounds
  • Quality materials design
  • HDR enabled


  • Poor handling may lead to breaking down

Why We Should Choose It

It has 120 W/ch with 6 ohms and one channel is driven that has a discrete output stage circuit with six-channel amplifiers. Additionally, never worry about streaming music at your home. This onkyo home theater receiver best is Bluetooth enabled as it is built with a Bluetooth wireless design with a QUALCOMM audio device. Mentionable, it has Onkyo Dolby atmos with 8 ohms. Many people claim that the included 6-piece speakers are the best for small rooms.

  3.  Onkyo HT-S3910

Onkyo HT-S3910

Onkyo manufactures a wide variety of home theatre receiver best with different price ranges depending on your pocket. Starting from the RZ series and many more, they take the lead and produce these receivers wholeheartedly. But many people claim that the TX series takes the edge because of the designed notch features.

This receiver is built with four HDMI ports with an ARC-enabled output that can support 4K/60 P videos. That means you can easily connect your viewers with a single cable to the AV installation. This feature is linked with the 4K HDR-ready that works in unity to display a new media on the screen using a remote control.

Onkyo HT-S3910 has an Onkyo Dolby atmos height that is essential in the perfect listening experience. Also, it is vital in height effect from traditional speaker layout and building a virtual surround.

This Onkyo Atmos receiver has a Dolby Atmos-enabled with a DTS X sound, and it is object-based that allows music to play in any speaker. It is mixed in a 3D space that helps in tracking the action placing unusual sounds around your home.


  • It is built with Dolby Atmos with a DTS playback
  • Supports 155 watts per channel
  • It is Bluetooth enabled
  • Powerhouse movie performance


  • It lacks a phono input

Why We Should Choose It

It features a full sound that will make your home lively from boredom to the dramatic situation. Also, many people love it as it is Bluetooth enabled and compatible, allowing you to connect your PC and tablet and begin the playback seamlessly.

Being ranked among the Onkyo home theatre receivers best, it has an Onkyo Dolby Atmos receiver for advanced sound mapping. It also supports High Dynamic Range with 4-oHm drive enabled.

  4.  Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1

onkyo home theater receiver

Do you want to set up a music system that offers perfect music characteristics and satisfy your desires? An Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1 is the best home theatre receiver to think. It is designed with attractive features that deliver quality sound.

Additionally, it can stream audio from different sources. Take a look!

Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1 comes with a remote interactive linked with an HDMI. This feature allows you to integrate this TX-SR 606 with other receivers from different brands for quick functionality. It allows for rapid integration with selected HDMI high definition displays, hard disk recorders, Blu-ray disc players, and DVD. It integrates all these with one remote control.

Onkyo home theater receiver has an onboard music optimizer that helps to improve the quality of the audio signals. Most receivers face a limitation in compressed files, and they end up losing a significant number of signs at high frequencies. With the inbuilt music optimizer, you will enjoy the fresh music as audio quality is refined and enhanced.

It has an Audyssey Dynamic EQ as well as the Audyssey 2EQ that are perfect tools for eliminating distortion while listening to music. Audyssey 2EQ helps to counter distortion brought by the furniture, walls, and other objects. This technology helps in detecting speaker distance, then later sets level, crossovers, and delays.


  • It is affordable equipment of choice
  • Amazing sound production
  • High-resolution video production


  • Someday, you will be required to upgrade it
  • Misuse of this equipment leads to early breakdown

Why We Should Choose It

It is a cheap  Onkyo receiver with a power output of 90 watts minimum power output to the seven channels.

Also, this product is among the Onkyo home theatre receiver best having an amazing full video upscaling and HD integration. With 4 HDMI inputs and one output HDMI, it features quick accessibility as you can link as many viewers as possible with a single cable.

  5.  Onkyo TX-SR800

onkyo home theater receiver

Are you planning to repair your current home theatre receiver? No, don’t spend your cash on repairing those outdated home theatre receivers. You will end up in regrets! You should top up on what you intend to use as the repair fee and come up with a new handset. Onkyo TX-SR800 can be your best choice to buy. It has a team of exciting features with quality building and smartly designed to produce all you may want in audio.

It has a reduced negative design that is feedback designed that helps in reducing the overall system gain and brings the total sound signals to equilibrium. This feature affects noise sensitivity as well as reducing sound distortion. Also, it helps in improving the system bandwidth with the output and input impedances.

With a Dolby Digital EX and surrounded by the EX (TM), this 7.1` channel Onkyo home theatre receiver gives a fantastic sound experience. This feature wraps you in unbelievable sound production. It is linked with a digital to analog converter in each channel that helps in reducing any sound interference.

This Onkyo TX-SR800 has a linear pulse code modulation that features 192 kHz plus an added 24 bit D/A converters. An LCPM is a digital method of encoding audio information in an uncompressed state. Therefore, this feature is vital in sound purification and elimination of any unwanted sound distortion.


  • Features perfect sound purification
  • Best video resolution


  • It can fail to last as long as expected due to improper usability
  • Too much noise from the amplifiers

Why We Should Choose It

Onkyo TX-SR800 is among the thx certified receivers with an EX and THX certified select that is perfect for quality signals emission.

Furthermore, it has a Wide Range Amplifier Technology. Also, if you love fresh music with reduced distortion, this powerful product is among the Onkyo home theatre receiver best. It has diminished negative feedback to stabilize audio signals bringing them to equilibrium.

  6.  Onkyo HT-S3900

Onkyo HT-S3900

The Onkyo HT-S3900 adds more flavor to your music desires. It has impressive features that add more flavor to the audio performance. This great product is all about perfect music sound, especially if you are a music fan. But wait a minute! If you don’t want to regret in the future, having invested and buying a home theatre receiver, then make arrangements as soon as possible and buy one.

It has Bluetooth technology with a Qualcomm Audio device that allows you stream videos and music from your smartphone. The best part of this product is that it is among the Onkyo home theatre receiver best with technology that you can link wireless media players to the home theatre receiver at your comfort. Furthermore, it is quick, and signal transmission is convenient.

Onkyo HT-S3900 has a DTS-HD master that contains a lossy DTS digital core that is vital in bit-to-bit sound representation. Also, this feature supports variable bit rates of 24.5Mbit/s. additionally, it supports 192 kHz frequency for quality sound production. It is vital in quality sound distribution with 96 KHz/24 bit resolution.

Onkyo home theater receiver comes with a high dynamic range that acts as the volume difference between the loudest note and the quietest note. This feature is essential in modern music sound quality as it compresses the volume range on the pointed end to arrive at an average song volume. An HDR works hand in hand with the HDMI ports.


  • Powerful DTS digital core
  • High dynamic range


  • It is an excellent product

Why We Should Choose It

It features perfect characteristics that have made many people fall in love with it. In other words, it yields ideal sound production. It has a 120 W/ch with 6 ohms, a discrete stage circuitry and six-channeled amplifiers.

Additionally, it is ranked among the best Onkyo home theatre best as it has four output HDMI with 4K/60 Hz HDR video types. You will also enjoy streaming music with the wireless Bluetooth technology with a QUALCOMM audio device.

  7.  Onkyo HT-RC430

onkyo home theater receiver

On the list is an Onkyo HT-RC 430 home theatre receiver. More focus is placed on this musical device because it fills the gaps for you if you are limited in a cabinet or a small room. Firstly, it has perfect product dimensions and light-weighted, market-friendly price as well as quality design. Never forget, it produces the best sound quality at your convenience. Plan and buy!

This powerful Onkyo Home theatre receiver has well designed front panel USB ports that are fundamental in data transfer. These ports allow user data to be transferred between devices. Also, USB ports are essential in the supply of electric power. You connect a cable, and everything will be done.

This Onkyo home theatre receiver best has an advanced music optimizer that is internally built with a volume equalizer that creates a fantastic sound quality. This onboard feature is vital in improving audio signal quality. You will enjoy excellent music production with zero sound distortions at higher frequencies as no signal will be lost.

It has a direct digital control mechanism that is automated and is controlled by a digital device. It takes the responsibility of centralizing a network-oriented approach.

 Also, it gathers different digital and analog converters that use the network to transport audio signals to the central controller. Furthermore, this device also checks on the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation within the receiver.


  • It has an advanced music optimizer
  • A digital control mechanism
  • It has a front panel USB port


  • Sometimes it can be inconvenient

Why We Should Choose It

Many households have claimed that it is among the Onkyo home theatre receiver best, and most of them end up buying it. But why? It delivers 60 watts per single channel.

Nevertheless, it has four crucial HDMI input ports and one output port. However, to make its operation more efficiently, it is designed with front-panel USB ports.

  8.  Onkyo TX-SR605

onkyo home theater receiver

If you are planning to come up with a list of all excellent features you might want for a powerful sound receiver, then OnkyoTX-SR605 will fill the menu. It is a pretty home theatre receiver ranked as onkyo home theatre receiver best with any functionality you may wish to remain intact in the field of music. Because you will name a feature and the theatre receiver gives you. Never forget that it favors your pocket too. You will never regret of long-time investment after purchasing it.

This home theatre receiver has a Dynamic Audio Amplification device with high-grade components. This feature helps in the production of noise-free signals and accurate sound amplification. Therefore, the result is a vibrant and pure, authentic sound production. Also, this audio amplification delivers a maximum power of 170 W/CH at 6 Ohms.

This sturdy home theatre receiver has a smooth analog signal designed with Onkyo linear shaping circuitry (VLSC). This helps to reassemble all the sound signals and later restoring them to their original state after processing them. A VLSC also eliminates any available pulse noise for high fidelity analog signals.

OnkyoTX-SR605has a Dolby Atmos with 5.1.2 channels that help in sound movement around you up to three-dimensional space. You will feel as if you are part of the music being played on the amplifier. It transports you from the world of reality to a fantasy world. Also, it surrounds up-mixer processes that help to fill the speaker layouts.


  • It is Dolby Atmos-enabled
  • This Onkyo surrounds sound receiver has a dynamic audio amplification


  • It can be stressful to transport

Why We Should Choose It

It has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that allows you to sit in the comfort of your room and perform every operation using your phone.

Besides, if you want to live in a home with powerful music production, this home theatre receiver is powered with zone 1, 2, and line out for audio playback distribution. It is among the onkyo home theatre receiver best.

  9.  Onkyo TX-SR508 7.1

onkyo home theater receiver

If you want numerous entry-level options, then it is better to focus on Onkyo TX-SR508 7.1. Just as the name suggests, this is an Onkyo surround sound receiver that comes with a wide range of updated features. By the way, if you always want to enjoy the experience of the music world, never forget to invest and buy this product. Never be worried about the price or its durability because everything is taken care of.

The Onkyo TX-SR-393 is your pretty basic home theater receiver, but it does give you plenty of options for an entry-level system. With 4 HDMI input connections, you should be covered for most sources. It also can be configured to operate in 5.2 or 3.2.2 with its onboard Dolby Atmos processor.

This onkyo home theater receiver has a dimensional circuitry that takes all the complexity away from the surround sound conventional system sound setups. This brings you more excitement and experience of sound from as low as two speakers. The theatre dimensional multi-speaker modes allow you to place five speakers.

Onkyo TX-SR508 7.1 inch has a music optimizer that helps in supporting compressed music files and videos. Sometimes, compressed files that include music and videos tend to lose a significant amount of information at different frequencies. This music optimizer helps in overcoming this limitation, enhancing quality audio.

Onkyo features a compatible device for optimal tuners in both SIRIUS and HD radio satellite. This feature helps you broadcast your desired AM and FM radio stations digitally with no zero distortion, hiss, or station drop off. Additionally, a SIRIUS is an essential feature in this home theatre receiver as it has an access of up to 130 channels.


  • It has a music optimizer
  • It has SIRIUS and HD radio satellite
  • Amazing sound production


  • It can be cumbersome to transit

Why We Should Choose It

You can upgrade your music experience at home with this product as it is among the Onkyo home theatre receiver best. It has an on-screen display overlaid via the HDMI. Also, to mention,this onkyo home theater receiver delivers up to 80 watts in every channel at 8 Ohms. It is best for game gurus; it features up to 4 DSP modes meant for gaming. This includes sports, RPG, and action.

  10.  Onkyo TX-SR309 5.1

onkyo home theater receiver

Young children are game-oriented. They love playing games with more passion, especially during the holidays. Finding the best home theatre receiver that has the latest technology will make things go. An Onkyo TX-SR309 is a powerful 5.1 inches music gadget that keeps you encouraged with music mission and keeps home entertainment activities lively. It comes with updated features with simple set-up and high-quality building. Let’s look at its features;

This Onkyo home theatre receiver features the latest 3D technology. The good news is that you can swiftly play 3D games, as well as broadcasting any content in a cinematic design and quality at your pleasure. The result will be the production of top-notch video images and quality sound production that will boost your music experience.

Onkyo TX-SR309 is among the onkyo home receiver best as it has 3 HDMI input ports that allow you to connect high definition sources such as gaming console, Blu-ray player, and a satellite tuner. Additionally, the HDMI output will enable you to send pristine audio and video signals that yield top-notch display. Also, the content received via the HDTV is easily up streamed using the HDMI to the receiver without necessarily removing the PDIF cable.

This onkyo home theater receiver has an advanced music optimizer that helps in the compensation of lost information as well as improving the compressed audio signals. This onboard feature helps to enhance video signals that tend to add distortion. The result is a clean sound production with an original taste that makes you feel as if you are part of the music.


  • It has 3 HDMI ports
  • Perfect sound production
  • It has an advanced music optimizer


  • It can be challenging to use in the first approach

Why We Should Choose It

Many people admire it as it features the best Onkyo receiver price that favors every music lover. Furthermore, it is ranked among the Onkyo home theatre receiver best as it has a mass storage USB memory playback.

Moreover, this Onkyo receiver has an advanced music optimizer. Also, it features 65 watts power delivery at every channel, with 8 ohms. The best part is that it is multipurpose and can serve as an Onkyo DVD receiver.

Buying Guide for Onkyo Home Theater Receiver Best

There are a lot of different audio and video receivers in the market at present time, so, it is very difficult to pick the right one for your desired job. There are also many brands, different models with different capabilities and you need to make a choice for one. This guide will help you to pick a great Onkyo home theater receiver that will suit your preferred cost and purpose. To choose the Onkyo home theatre receiver best , the following are the features that you should follow and consider.

Channels; The number of channels in your theatre receiver must be many to accommodate current and future speakers. A minimum of 4 to 7 channels is ideal for you to even connect with outdoor speakers. You will be able to enjoy surround sound with more channels on your receiver by connecting many speakers to it.

Type of inputs; A dedicated phone input will be needed for someone who wishes to spin vinyl. An onboard Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will be a requirement if you want to play music wirelessly. The more connectivity your receiver allows, the better for your future where you will need to add more devices to it.

Video switching; A great home theatre receiver must be able to accommodate a state-of-the-art video switching. It will enable you to hook up any and all video sources like an apple TV or a DVD player. 4K switching will enable you to connect multiple 4K- capable devices to a single display via an AV receiver. Choose an Onkyo receiver with this feature.

Dolby Atmos; An Onkyo receiver with Dolby Atmos will make you enjoy 3D sound that seems to stay close all around you. There is also a DTS:X surround sound format that makes home audio theater more immersive. Go for a receiver that carries both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats.

HDR formats; Ensure your receiver can accommodate all the 3 HDR formats for your future desires. Your receiver must be equipped to handle DV, HDR 10 and HLG formats.

Multi-room ability; Good receivers are able to do many different things all at once. You will need to stream music in one room and run a home theatre system surround sound in the other. Other receivers are even able to play different shows in two different rooms and amazingly on different TVs. An AV receiver with such features will make your home enjoyable, convenient and comfortable.

HDCP 2.2 support; This is the best and latest copy protection technology that ensures your 4K content is safe. It prevents people from illegally copying video content. Your screen will go black if you try to play a copy protected movie and your AV receiver is not authorized to support HDCP2.2 Content.

Built-in Wi-Fi; It is not always possible to physically plug in your TV network when you live in an apartment and can not run wires through walls. A Wi-Fi connection will allow all the wonderful functions new televisions have for YouTube watching and movie streaming to work through your network wirelessly. There are also audio systems with this feature and it makes your home theatre enjoyable.

Final verdict

A big thanks for taking the time to read home theater receiver best from Onkyo. At times landing at the Onkyo home theatre receiver best can be quite tricky if you don’t take your time to perform thorough research.

As we sign off, here is a word of advice; never go with the waves of dealers. They will lie to you and later you will regret it. You can as well find more information from social media. If all becomes hard, read the review about onkyo home theater receiver best, and you will be safe.

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