Best 4 Channel Car Amplifier Reviews and Guide

Are you tired of an inferior car stereo, and you need superb sound volume and quality too? Well, the answer to all your challenges could be getting the best 4 channel car amplifier that will transform your car into a small theater. Some people go an extra mile to equip their vehicles with front and rear speakers, only to be disappointed by the sound output.

The best 4-channel car amplifiers are the perfect way to enjoy the premium sound output from your rear and front speaker combinations. A 4-channel amp will boost your speakers' power, thus increasing the vibration strength. This article will help you figure out the best 4-channel car amplifier by expounding more on each product's details. 

Best 4-Channel Car Amplifier Overview

  1. Rockford Fosgate P400X4 Punch 400-Watt Channel Amplifier
  2. Hifonics ZRX1216.2 Zeus Car Audio Amplifier
  3. Alpine X-A70 X-Series 4/3/2 Channel Power Density Amplifier
  4. Planet Audio AC1200.4 4 Channel Car Amplifier
  5. 2.1 Bluetooth Marine Amplifier Receiver
  6. BOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car Amplifier
  7. MTX Audio THURDER75.4 Thunder Series Car Amplifier
  8. JL Audio JX400/4D 4-Channel Car Amplifier
  9. Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier
  10. Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact 4 Channel Digital Amplifier

Best 4 Channel Car Amplifier Reviews

If you need superb car audio, an amplifier is essential because it makes your speakers powerful enough. You will find plenty of car amplifiers which can be confusing to determine the right one. We will cover the best 4 channel car amplifier to ease your selection.

Let's check out the Best 4-Channel Car Amplifier Reviews

 1. Rockford Fosgate P400X4 Punch 400-Watt Channel Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate P400X4 Punch 400-Watt Channel Amplifier

Rockford’s manufacturer has the reputation of building the best amps in the market. It is a 400-watt amp, which makes it great for a 4-way all range system. It can also be the right choice for a 3-way design with a front stage with potent subwoofers in the back channels. Punch P400X4 is also a flexible multi-channel amp for virtually any type of car.

The amp features a class A/B topology, some RCA pass-thru outputs for boosting the vibrations. The onboard punch EQ comes with a +18db boost and a variable of 12dB/Oct for delivering the type of bass you need. Rockford P400X4 is easy to set up thanks to the patented circuit that easily matches the source to the amp.

The strong point of this 4-car amplifier is the multi-signal inputs that can accept both low-level signals and Hi without necessarily needing a signal converter. Besides, the stealth mounted top control panel will give a sleek finish and guards the vital controls for unmatched performance.


  • Unmatched performance.
  • Awesome sound quality.
  • It is durable.
  • Produces a powerful and clean sound.
  • The right choice for multi-signal inputs.


    • Not the right choice for multiple subwoofers.

     2. Hifonics ZRX1216.2 Zeus Car Audio Amplifier

    Hifonics ZRX1216.2 Zeus Car Audio Amplifier

    If you’re looking for a high performing 4 channel amp, then Hifonics is the right choice. It features an Ultra Fi MOSFETS circuit that improves the sound volume and quality. This spec is also necessary for maximizing the power efficiency of the system, making your car a small theater.

    Furthermore, you'll get a LED illumination that makes the car elegant, adds a unique aura, and makes the system awesome. You'll get a green LED indicator when the amp is running well and a red indicator when it is picking a short circuit or an irregularity in the amp system. This feature will help reduce the probability of malfunctioning and overheat that might damage the transistors.

    You'll also get a heavy aluminum alloy that absorbs excessive heat, thus contributing to the amp's durability. It is a good investment that will boost your subwoofers' performance and increase your audio system’s bass quality. Additionally, three-way guard circuitry has a thermal overload and a speaker circuitry to protect the system against short-circuiting.


    • It is robust and dependable.
    • The right choice for reliability.
    • Superb design and build up.
    • Highly affordable.
    • Functions in excessive heat.


      • It is relatively heavy.

       3. Alpine X-A70 X-Series 4/3/2 Channel Power Density Amplifier

      Alpine X-A70 X-Series 4/3/2 Channel Power Density Amplifier

      Alpine X-A70 is a 4-channel car amp with better RMS power handling. With 4 Ohms, 120 Watts RMS power handling, you are sure that your vehicle is no longer a sleeping zone. The Alpine ID Sound taste solves the missing pleasure in most car music systems and provides more significant spatial imaging for filtering noise.

      A car audio system is all about magnifying the sound but providing a soft audio output. This amp ensures the depth of the sound stage to provide better audio strength. Additionally, this model has a crossover built and a bass EQ to give your favorite album a better taste. Alpine is among the few channel amps that comes with a remote bass for compatibility.

      You’ll get the highest efficiency of up to 95% with the class D performance. Class D performance means the amp is output transistors and does not retain electricity when turned off. This spec minimizes overheating since there is no excess electricity converted to heat. Also, this model has a signal purity that cannot be compared to other classes.


      • Class D performance.
      • Remote bass compatibility.
      • Built-in bass EQ.
      • Greater spatial imaging.
      • Superb sound quality.

         4. Planet Audio AC1200.4 4 Channel Car Amplifier

        Planet Audio AC1200.4 4 Channel Car Amplifier

        You cannot talk about 4 channel amplifiers without talking about Planet AC1200.4. It is less costly than most of the models on this list, and you'll be lucky to get a powerful musical sound system. You can use the factory speaker system with this amplifier. The model comes with an AB traditional design that provides a better sound quality than most low-end audio systems.

        You will get 1200W power to provide a balanced audio level. Besides, the model aids low- and high-level inputs, making it ideal to use in any type of car. The fixed high pass crossover and the variable low pass are essential for balancing the audio output and provides a better sound experience.

        You will not complain about your car stereo sounding like the 70s system because Planet AC1200.4 comes with a variable bass boost for optimizing the bass levels. It is a class A/B amplifier. That means the amp can conduct electricity up to 50%, thus providing the purest signal path of all time.


        • Powerful and versatile.
        • It is easy to use.
        • Provides a variable bass boost.
        • Excellent value for the price.
        • It is durable.


          • It is difficult to install.

           5. 2.1 Bluetooth Marine Amplifier Receiver

          2.1 Bluetooth Marine Amplifier Receiver

          This amp is the right choice for money and value. You will find a in-built Bluetooth connectivity to aid wireless music streaming. This 2.1 Bluetooth can reach a maximum distance of 25+ feet and is compatible with most Android, iPad, iPhone, and tablets. It even has a smart auto-connect to recall the info of the device pairing.

          The stereo speaker is constructed with a waterproof silver plate, and this makes it water-resistant. Also, it has high performing output terminal connectors that combat weather corrosion, which make the amp durable. This model is a 4-channel bridgeable amplifier, and it powers your speakers. This feature gives the amp its universal compatible nature.

          By purchasing this amp, you'll get a bridge mode switch that you can select either a high or a low electronic crossover network. Besides, it comes with a strong Aluminum Alloy heatsink that protects the system against short-circuiting and reducing thermal overload in the speakers.  The LED light indicator will help you to detect when the amp is not functioning correctly.


          • Water and weather resistant.
          • Highly protected against thermal overload.
          • Powerful 1000 Watt.
          • Dual adjustable input controls.
          • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.


            • No Bluetooth troubleshoot in case of malfunctioning.

             6. BOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car Amplifier

            BOSS Audio Systems R1004 4 Channel Car Amplifier

            Just like the name goes, this amp is the BOSS when it comes to a clear sound. It is a 4-channel class A/B amplifier, which means up to 50% percent of electricity is converted into heat. However, it has not distortion when it comes to providing clear audio because of the biasing diodes that cancel fake noise.

            This model is stable in both high- and low-level inputs.  It comes with a 2-Ohm strength that powers your speakers or subwoofers, which results in a higher power and volume. That way, the high-level inputs take output signals, and on the other hand, the low-level input takes pre-amp output signals giving the amp the required stability.

            One common challenge of the ordinary car stereo is non-balanced sound quality. BOSS R1004 addresses this issue by providing an adjustable control that operates over the input signal to customize the stereo's power and provides a balanced sound quality. Besides, the amp will automatically shut off if it gets too hot or in case of a short malfunction in the speakers.


            • Protection against short and thermal overload.
            • Switchable input sensitivity.
            • Stable low- and high-level inputs.
            • It is a class A/B amplifier.
            • Clear sound.


              • Complicated to operate.

               7. MTX Audio THURDER75.4 Thunder Series Car Amplifier

              MTX Audio THURDER75.4 Thunder Series Car Amplifier

              MTX is a renowned manufacturer of in-car audio, and for that reason, MTX is a world-class car stereo for good sound quality. It produces 400 Watts for a dynamic sound in your vehicle. Besides, the amp is compatible with most car speakers and will work correctly with your subwoofer.

              Not only is MTX a 4-channel amplifier but a lightweight and compact amp too. It was built to be mounted on the smaller surface in your vehicle. This mount design is essential for handling vibrations and providing a balanced audio level for your car. Additionally, MTX handles heat quite effectively thanks to the extruded aluminum heatsink.

              This model is a Class A/B topology, which gives it the elements of class A and class B. It handles distortions efficiently by canceling unnecessary sound. Also, class A/B offers both signal purity and power efficiency. This amp features in most of the cars thanks to its small footprint buildup.


                • Power efficiency and signal purity.
                • Surface mount design.
                • 2-ohm stability.
                • Surface mount design.
                • It is affordable.


                • Interferes with the radio frequencies.

                 8. JL Audio JX400/4D 4-Channel Car Amplifier

                JL Audio JX400/4D 4-Channel Car Amplifier

                If you want to enjoy raw audio, then JL JX400/4D is your best shot. It includes a low-level input of 200mV-4V and a high-level input of 2.0mV-10.0V for input sensitivity. Additionally, you'll also get a powerful amplifier with a power rating of 4ohms, 70 watts * 4 Chan, both of which will boost the system's efficiency and strength.

                A fuse plays a more significant role when there is a short-circuiting or an overload. That way, you'll require a fuse with a lower rating. JL amp has a fuse rating of 40A * 1, and it is easily replaceable in case of a short. The amp is easy to install as well, and you'll not be forced to adjust your budget because it is an affordable stereo.

                One of the critical features of any amp is the protection circuitry. This model includes a 3-way circuitry, which protects the system against overload and for the speaker short protection. That way, you shouldn't worry much about the effects of overheating. Besides, the JL amp automatically shuts and restarts when it overheats.


                • Higher input sensitivity.
                • Thermal and overload protection.
                • Powerful and dependable.
                • Higher power rating.
                • Provides a better sound quality.


                  • Static noise quite often.

                   9. Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

                  Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

                  Pioneer A6704 is an affordable 4 channel amplifier from a renowned manufacturer. All the components of this stereo combine to provides better audio quality. You will get 1000 Watts power, making it highly effective and potent too. Also, it comes with a unique mounting style of floor standing that helps to reduce the vibrations.

                  The automatic signal sensing of the model doesn't interfere with the FM radio frequencies. You'll also save a lot of time with the automatic turn on, making the stereo a high-class model.  Pioneer is great because it is lightweight, and it doesn't distort the audio quality either. Besides, it is easy to install and works effectively with your car speakers and subwoofers.

                  You'll like the adjustable bass boost upon buying this amp. In other words, the amp is responsible for balancing the audio levels of your car stereo. Do you want to pair your back subwoofers and the auto speakers? Well, A6704 is ultra-bridgeable, and you can combine the two-line for adequately more power.


                  • Highly versatile.
                  • Compact design and highly effective.
                  • Class D amplifier.
                  • Better circuit design.
                  • It is entirely bridgeable.


                    • It can overheat at times.

                    10. Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact 4 Channel Digital Amplifier

                    Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact 4 Channel Digital Amplifier

                    This is a trusted brand for offering a better sound performance for your car stereo. Kenwood KAC-M3004 has a peak power of 600 watts, which can satisfy all your stereo needs with three or four stereo combinations.

                    The amp features an authentic RMS power and includes a voltage sensing auto switch inbuilt to detect variations in the power system. It is a compact amp, and you will like its performance. Additionally, Kenwood KAC is a digital channel amplifier that is compatible with most car stereo.

                    As a car owner, you should fear an overload in the car stereo. That's why this amp comes with circuit protection that prevents thermal overload and short. The circuit board is also coated to resist corrosion and helps in shedding moisture. KAC-M3004 is easy to install, and the best thing is that it accepts a signal from almost every source.


                    • Easy setup and high-level inputs.
                    • Compact size amplifier.
                    • Swift sound quality.
                    • Coated circuit board.
                    • Authentic RMS power.


                      • Doesn't come with Bluetooth connectivity.

                      Car Amplifier Buying Guide

                      There are tens of 4 channel car amplifiers in the markets, and it might be challenging to make the right choice. To purchase wisely, you'll need to know a little secret about amplifiers. That way, you'll be making your purchase based on knowledge and not what people say about a particular brand.

                      We’ll cover some of these factors that you should consider when picking an amplifier. The guide will include the technical specs as well as the buildup factors of an amplifier. Don't worry if you don't get the jargon; we'll break everything down for you in the most straightforward language.

                      Class and Performance

                      When you're reading about 4 channel amplifiers, you'll come across the term 'class,' which is commonly used in this context, and you're wondering about the meaning of the word. Well, there are four primary classes when we talk about the amplifier. We have Class A, B, A/B, and D. The main factor that distinguishes these classes is efficiency and performance.

                      Efficiency in amplifiers is how much a device can least consume Direct Current (DC) while passing Alternating Current (AC). Because of the differences in circuitry, the performance and efficiency vary between every class of an amplifier.

                      Class A

                      Class A amp conducts electricity up to 100% since the circuits have a nice design. The most significant benefit of Class A amps is their ability to provide the purest signal path all the time.

                      However, there are some two limitations of these amps. Because it is continuous conduction, just a small portion of the speakers will use the electricity. Therefore, this lowers the amp's efficiency to up to 30%. It will transform most of the excess electricity to heat energy. As a result, the amp tends to overheat when used for a long time.

                      Class B

                      Class B amplifiers though similar to Class A, conduct electricity only half the period compared to Class A, which conducts all the time. That's way, less electricity is wasted, which increases the amp’s efficiency to 70%.

                      The downside of the amp is the way the design of the circuit. You'll have to listen to your favorite album with a little amount of distortion. However, the amp does not heat like Class A because only a little electricity is converted to heat.

                      Class A/B

                      There is no Class C in amp; instead, we have Class A/B, a combination of Class A and Class B elements. However, Class A/B doesn't have an issue with distortion despite having elements of Class B. That's because there is the presence of powerful biasing diodes that prevent distortion.

                      You can get the best signal purity from the Class A element and still enjoy the advantage of power efficiency from Class B. Ideally, using Class A/B is like enjoying the best out of both worlds of Class A and Class B while limiting the drawbacks of the two classes.

                      Class D

                      Class D amps have the most outstanding power efficiency of up to 95%. This efficiency is mainly because these types of amplifiers are known to be output transistors. They don't retain any electricity amount when turned off, which means there is no electricity left to convert into heat.

                      The most fantastic drawback of Class D amps is their inability to offer signal purity. This class is the least in the above-aforementioned classes with signal purity. It is upon you to decide whether you are looking for signal purity, efficiency, or both.

                      Technical Specs

                      When buying an amp, it is advisable to pay attention to the slightest details such as frequency response, speaker sensitivity, and the power output. These 'small' technical specs are the one that makes the amp. They will determine the stereo's durability and whether or not the amp is compatible with your setup.

                      Frequency Response

                      Frequency Response determines the range of the frequency that a given amp can handle. Some amplifiers can handle the whole audible spectrum of 20Hz – 20 Khz, while others can process bass signals of 20Hz – 250Hz.  Amps that can handle audible spectrum are generally for all speakers, while the latter is basically for subwoofers.

                      Power Output

                      Amps are more potent than speakers. The way they boost signals makes them louder. Two primary metrics show the speaker's power rating: the peak power and Maximum RMS. If you go beyond the peak power that the speaker can handle, then you are risking overheating and damaging the speaker.

                      Speakers Sensitivity

                      When you hear people talking about speaker sensitivity, they talk about the speaker’s loudness measured in decibels. If your speaker has a sensitivity of 85 dB, if you provide the speaker with one watt of power, then the output sound will be moderate. Adding each watt to the supply will increase the volume by 3dB.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Q: How many speakers work with a 4 Channel Amplifier?

                      A: It is possible to connect a speaker to each channel. That's the way; you connect up to four speakers in a 4-channel amp. Some models can allow up to 2 speakers in each channel, allowing you to connect 8 speakers. It is possible to do so with a 2-ohm setting that makes the amp pump twice the standard RMS. Besides, if you own a 4-channel amp that is bridgeable, you'll have the opportunity of connecting two subwoofers.

                      Q: Is there a difference between a 2-channel amp and a 4-channel amplifier?

                      A: Yes, the main difference between the two is the number of speakers each amp powers. A two-channel powers two-channel speakers while 4-channel power four speakers and sometimes 8 depending on the brand. However, most 4-channel amps come with a 2-channel mode, and if wired accurately, it is possible to bridge the amp to use two channels.

                      Q: How will a 4-channel amp improve my speakers?

                      A: The work of an amp is to make your speakers louder by overpowering the background noise. However, you should first check the speaker's rating and check if the subwoofer is compatible with the amp. You might end up losing your favorite speaker due to overloads caused by excessive power from the amplifier.

                      Q: Is Class A/B the best amp for efficiency?

                      A: Class A/B is based on Class A and Class B's design, and they are 70% efficient due to their traditional design. However, Class D is more modern and is up to 90% efficient, and can fit into smaller chassis. Class D contains a slight hiss than the Class A/B amps. Most people opt for Class D because of their ability to install even under the seat.

                      Final Words

                      Above is a fine collection of the best 4 channel car amplifiers. You can use the detailed information to compare and contrast the amps. Our amps are the best you can get in the car stereo industry. Most of them are flexible, and you can adjust one or two things based on the manufacturer's information. Additionally, the amps allow you to set your frequency and bass without interfering with the FM radiofrequency.

                      The buying guide will direct you towards making the right choice. Most of the amps on the list are affordable, and you'll not need to adjust your budget to get one. Overall, I recommend Rockford Fosgate P400X4 4 Channel Amplifier as your top choice. It comes with RCA inputs that accept both low-level signals and high audio signals without needing a signal converter. Furthermore, the model is the right choice for turning your car stereo into a concert.

                      Joe Carrow

                      I'm Joe Carrow, a specialist in Automobile audio systems. I have more than 10+ years of working experience in these relevant areas. Always I research and love to learn new things. I publish my research knowledge regularly, So, if you are concerned about your vehicle's audio/sound system or musical instruments, I suggest you checking! Thank you.

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