Best Multi Channel Amplifier Reviews and Guide (2024)

Loud music sound better to almost everyone. Not only does it provide us with a different type of energy but also arouses some excitement and emotions.  To ensure that you enjoy this escape with your every drive, manufacturers have designed car multi-channel amplifiers to enable you transform your listening experience into a physical one. However, the purchase of one that does not provide the adequate power to drive your loudspeakers proves to be very annoying. It is always of utmost importance to purchase one whose compatibility with your speakers is top notch and provides sufficient power capable to fill either your room or car with your desired music. In your quest for the best car multi-channel amplifier, it is good to buy one that will make your listening experience worth remembering.

Top 4 Best Multi Channel Amplifier Overview

  1. Sound-Storm Multi Channel Amplifier
  2. Sawtooth 10 Watt Multi Channel Amplifier
  3. Audiopipe 2100 watt Multi Channel-Amplifier
  4. Blaupunkt Full Range Multi Channel Amplifier

What is multi-channel amplifier?

A multi-channel amplifier basically refers to one which reproduces the same audio source over a number of speakers without distorting the sound quality and volume. Not only do they help drive power to more than one speaker but also split it between sets of speakers.

For the purpose of your car audio, you can use it to power a subwoofer coupled with other speakers. Actually, it is always a tool you need for the purpose of balancing the boom of your sub stage.

What to look for as you purchase a multi-channel amplifier

There is a huge variety of amplifiers available in the current market. Some are of excellent quality while others are counterfeits. As you shop for a multi-channel amplifier, the following are some of the basic considerations and guidelines to guarantee you a better sound, lengthy life span and a fulfilling service delivery.

  • The physical size of the amplifier

Cars are usually designed with little space inside making it difficult to incorporate large sized equipment. As you purchase an amp, at the back of your mind you should be aware of the specific region in your car where you intend to fit it. It is unnecessary to purchase a huge one which will prove stressful fitting it under your seat.

Due to advanced technology, small amplifiers have been manufactured which not only fit perfectly under your car seat but also produce a lot of good clean power. Besides, numerous excellent amps are manufactured in small sizes. The best size is one that measures 6.73” by 11.18” by 1.83”.

  • Quality of the amplifier wiring

When the deal is too good, think twice. You have to be super keen while purchasing the wiring for your amp as some amp wire kits are duplicates or rather poor quality products which come at cheaper prices. You do not want your wiring to keep on buffering frequently thus interrupting the flow of music.

The best wires are those of oxygen free copper (OFC). Though its price may be a bit high, its service delivery is guaranteed. You also need to take note of the wire size as some may be designed with a thick coating but very thin wires.

  • Features in the amplifier set

The most vital action you should take as you purchase is to ensure that your amplifier has the capacity to fulfill its intended purpose. For this reason, it is your mandate to check if the set is designed with the right high level inputs necessary for direct connection with the factory deck of your car. The subsonic filter should be incorporated in its design for the sake of your ported subwoofer application. As you check, ensure all the necessary fittings are present to avoid future complaints on the same.

  • Amplifier’s warranty

As a precautionary measure, always ensure that the amp you intend to purchase has got a warranty. This will guarantee you safety in case you end up finding it is faulty. Besides, a warranty will ensure that you purchase the musical instrument from an authorized seller. You can always call the manufacturing company to gain maximum surety that the seller was authorized. Many companies honor their warranty upon ascertaining that you bought their product from an authorized seller. Upon realization that a seller is not authorized, you should rethink your decision before making the payment.

  • Power rating

Many are the times you will find amplifiers promising to produce thousands of power watts for a minute amount of cash. It always sounds too good to be true and for sure it is. Such types of amplifiers are usually manufacture using inferior electronic components which will ultimately fail at some point in time without serving their intended life span. Besides, they will only amplify your car music to a certain level beyond which they will stop responding. As you purchase an amp, ensure to check for RMS (Root Mean Power) rating and not the Peak power rating as most often do.

  • Amplifier class

There are numerous classes of amplifiers available in the modern world for car audio systems. The classes range from Class A to D. Each class has got its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the simplest way to ensure you purchase the most suitable class for your car is to first consider of what you desire your car audio system to look like. Afterwards, make a decision to purchase one which fits into your car. Class D is one of the digital amplifiers which is small in size as well as less expensive.

Top 4 Best Multi Channel Amplifier Reviews

 1. Sound-Storm Multi Channel Amplifier

Sound-Storm Multi Channel Amplifier

Nice music certainly makes a drive or travel more interesting. Especially for long road trips not to mention long distance travels, you always desire to play your favorite playlist. However, it becomes frustrating if your car amplifier keeps distorting the sound quality of the music making it uncomfortable to listen to.

Worst of all, you do not want the amplifier to malfunction when you have already started your journey. Sound-storm- EV4-400 has got the best qualities to guarantee a fulfilling travel experience. Explained below are some of its essential features:

  • Class A/B

This amplifier is a combination of both class A and B of the modern amplifiers. Among the numerous audio power amplifier designs, this is the most common used one in the modern world. Its ability to feature specific linear circuitry ensures that it improves the sound quality it produces. Besides, the power output also multiplies. All this happens with minimal crossover distortion problems which may have arose if it was a class B only. There is also guaranteed efficiency of this class of an amplifier.

  • Fixed high and low pass filter

Everyone desires to have complete control over his/her amplifier. Sound storm evolution amplifier is thus designed with a fixed high-pass filter. This is to allow you to filter the frequencies you permit to pass through to your full range speakers within a static frequency point. Also, it has a fixed low pass filter to enable you filter the frequencies as they pass to the subwoofer. All this happens from a fixed frequency point of reference.

  • A combination of high and low level inputs

Each of these inputs performs a different task to make the amplifier function properly. The high level inputs receive your speakers’ output signals. On the other hand, the low level inputs agree o take the pre-amp output signals to create room for addition of amplifiers and processors to standard factory or rather the aftermarket source units. The amplifier is also designed with a short protection to shield it from short circuiting if it gets too hot as it will automatically shut-off.

Sound-Storm Multi Channel Amplifier


  • Produces excellent audio quality
  • Has a warranty card
  • Lengthy life span
  • Has a well-built circuitry
  • Rarely overheats


  • Lacks a bass remote
  • Produces some buzzing noise which may be uncomfortable

 2. Sawtooth 10 Watt Multi Channel Amplifier

Sawtooth 10 Watt Multi Channel Amplifier

Many are times people look for amplifiers able to produce several tones in a compact size. Saw tooth amplifier not only suits the production of various tones but also allows the perfect practice amp to go over scales.

 It is always loaded with volume, treble as well as mid and bass controls which make it the ideal amp for both beginners and pros. The following are some of its essential features which will ensure you obtain maximum satisfaction upon purchasing the compact and affordable amp:

  • Tons of control

It is not only challenging but also cumbersome to tune your amp to the tune of choice without proper guidelines. For this reason, this amp is designed with different settings which will enable you key in the sound that perfectly work for you. The inclusion of tons of control such as adjustable gain, treble, mid, bass as well as the overdrive in the amplifiers package makes it a unique set worth your purchase

  • Reinforced handle to carry the sturdy body

One of the major factors which cause the damage of amplifiers is poor transportation. During the design of this amp, a reinforced handle is used to avoid any future unexpected falling as you transport the amp. Also, this handle will help facilitate easy and convenient movement of the amp from one place to the other. Its sturdy body construction offers a hardy shell which will guarantee safety in case you unintentionally bash or drop it in the process of rocking out.

  • Composed of an open weave grill

One of the unique features of this amplifier is the inclusion of an open weave grill in its design. The fabric permits advanced sound projection which leads to transmittance of high quality sound. In addition, it helps minimize or rather lighten the overall weight of the amplifier making it to produce loud sound suitable for both small venues. Reduction of weight also makes it easy to carry along.

Sawtooth 10 Watt Multi Channel Amplifier


  • Produces clean sound with minimal distortion
  • Inexpensive
  • Has a small size
  • Has plenty of power
  • Easily portable
  • Comes with a headphone hack for practicing without interfering with those around you


  • Lacks a whole lot of features compared to more advanced amplifiers.

 3. Audiopipe 2100 watt Multi Channel-Amplifier

Audiopipe 2100 watt Multi Channel-Amplifier

For musicians, the quality of the amplifier used makes a great difference in regard to the quality of sound they need. To find the best amp that suits the kind of job you need it perform is always a great joy. The Audiopipe 4 Channel Amplifier perfectly suits the car audio subwoofer and would do a great deal if you purchase it. Below are some of its key features:

  • Sufficient power

Since it is classified under class A/B, it possesses a power rating distribution as follows; 4*110 watts at 4 ohms, 4*160 watts at 2 ohms and 2*300watts bridged at 4 ohms. This allows it to maximally power the car audio speakers.  Inclusion of 2 way circuitry protection during the design of the amplifiers enables it to automatically go off upon short circuiting preventing any possible damages to the speaker.

  • Designed as class A/B

Different amplifier classes portray unique qualities. This amplifier incorporates both class A and B in its plan. Therefore, in absence of audio signal, there will be high current flow towards the output for class A amplifier with zero flow of current in the class B amplifier. This feature is also a plus as it brings together the advantages of both A and Class B amplifiers. In addition to its linear behavior, its design is very simple and conveys less than 0.1% of distortion.

  • Possesses both low and high level inputs

The purpose of level inputs is to connect your factory radio with your aftermarket radio. Inclusion of the above feature in this type allows it to link up with either an aftermarket or stock factory car radio. High level inputs are meant to use the signal been transmitted from the speaker output as an input source fr your amplifier. The low level inputs also referred to RCA inputs create a union between the amplifier and the source unit. The advantage of the above feature is that it creates great flexibility in the process of installing the amplifier in to your car irrespective of their system type.

Audiopipe 2100 watt Multi Channel-Amplifier


  • Exhibits high quality frequency response rates
  • Conveys little distortion
  • Great sound quality
  • Has plenty of power
  • An excellent purchase for such a great price
  • Small in size


  • Requires a good electrical system to be able to properly power it

 4. Blaupunkt Full Range Multi Channel Amplifier

Blaupunkt Full Range Multi Channel Amplifier

This is a 1600 watt rated amplifier and belongs to class AB. Its package may entail a 4, 3 or 2 multichannel amplifier. Blaupunkt amplifier is famous for its quality engineering which makes it possess numerous essential features. Also, it ensures production of excellent sound which is loud enough as well as clear and rich. Its slim design ensures it fits into any trunk for easy and convenient movement coupled by simple connection with your stereo system. The essential features below highlight its effectiveness.

  • Frequency response

This is one of the most important features of a good amplifier. The frequency range allows the amplifier to operate within a certain range that it has been designed to accommodate. They must therefore deliver within this a constant and realistic level of gain. The architect of the Blaupunkt amplifier chose a frequency response range of 10Hz to 30 Hz. This allows it to clearly play all low, middle and high tones to perfection.

  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio

This is the difference that exists between the noise floor and the reference level. The signal to noise ratio is a vital specification as it measures the background noise that is produced as the amplifier is I n operation. An amplifier with a larger signal to noise ratio ensures that the noise produced is imperceptible. A blaupunkt measures 96dB which is excellent as there is little conflict between the noise and the musical sound.

  • Has a total harmonic distortion of less than 0.05%

This is usually the measure of how much the final sound produced has been distorted from the original one. Normally, the higher the distortion, the lower the quality of the final sound produced due to more coloration to the sound. Since the harmonic distortion of this amplifier is very less, the sound it produces will always resemble that of the original recording.

Blaupunkt Full Range Multi Channel Amplifier


  • Available at a cheaper price
  • Usually designed in a small size making it easy and convenient to transport
  • Usually with a crossover frequency of 50Hz -250HZ
  • Light
  • Its power and clarity is of high quality


  • Sometimes faces fluctuations between the ohm loads

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a mono amp and a multi-channel amp?

The key difference between these two amplifiers is the number of channels which connects with the speakers or the subwoofers. A mono amplifier is a single channel amplifier which is designed to produce low frequency sound. A good example of this low frequency sound is the deep bass produced by subwoofers.

It is designed with one input and one output. This amp is commonly used to supply power to a single signal speaker, a subwoofer in most occasions. It can also be used in a public address system.

On the other hand, a multi-channel amp is used to reproduce the same audio source over several speakers usually up to twelve in number. The sound is transmitted with little distortion and therefore the same volume is maintained over all the speakers. These amplifiers are often used for commercial purposes such as restaurants as well as retail units.

Also, they are used to surround sound systems. In this case, they are usually left-front, right-front, left-rear, and right-rear as well as subwoofer channels.  For cars, individuals prefer to use mono amplifiers as they transmit power to a single channel speaker. The same scenario applies to home audio applications.

However, multi amps have the ability to transmit power to more than one speaker making them ideal and appealing for upgrading to component speakers or adding to the subwoofer of your car audio system.

When making a choice between a mono and a multi-channel amplifier, first ensure you consider the number of speakers or subwoofers you have installed in your car.

A mono amp usually possesses top notch stability in maintenance of electrical current resistance in the event that power demands are high. It is also possible to connect two subwoofers to a mono amp in order to achieve effective performance when power demands arise.

While using a multi-channel amp to power your car subwoofer, you should be super careful to avoid clipping of the woofer’s signal. This is because multi-amplifier cannot be wired by less than 4 ohms when bridged.

In terms of price, a mono amplifier is cheaper compared to a multi-channel amp which is more electronically sophisticated and therefore comes at a high price.

For audio enthusiasts, acquisition of a mono amp can save you a lot of cash as it is possible to use it as a dedicated power supply source for several subwoofers. This is if you will purchase a multi-channel amp to convey stereo signals to the rest of the speakers.

With the aid of multi-channel amplifier, it is possible to balance deep and booming voice with strong mid-range sound. This balancing also leads to provision of high quality audio from your car amplifier and speakers.

Also, hints as a result of high and low frequency speakers become more exposed as volume upsurges. As you adjust the power adjusters, always avoid imperfect impedance as this may lead to overheating of the subwoofer.

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Is a multi-channel amplifier good for your car audio system?

Are you new in the car audio business and you are split on which is the best suitable amplifier for your newly purchased vehicle, try this. Identify an authorized seller and purchase a multi-channel amplifier which you will use to power your subwoofer in partnership with other speakers installed in your car. Upon installation, it will produce high quality music which will always make you yearn to travel more and more.

Multiple channel amplifiers make life sound better and produce high quality music which always arouses emotionality and brings you into a musical mood. Not will you experience a full frequency range but it will also allow for crossover filtering which lets you limit the frequency ranges of your midrange speakers.

Also, in case your amp runs out of juice, your twitter will not be affected by the distortion. The addition of an amplifier to your car audio system allows you to obtain a clean power source that will always drive your speakers with little or no strain. An amplifier will always guarantee a more defined sound at any volume level of your choice.

In most occasions, you will need one amp to power all the speakers in your car. The major reason behind this is to save space and avoid the inconvenience caused by installing a number of amplifiers.

A multi-channel amplifier will create room as it has a number of channels which each will drive one speaker. For most cars, the common number of speakers is usually four.

A four-channel amp will thus be the most suitable. It is also important to ensure that the amplifier you purchase for your car has a RMS number which matches that of your car speakers to avoid under powering or overpowering


Music is never too loud. It all depends on how you desire it to sound like. As long as it does not interfere with your driving, you can play it at any volume of your choice. The best Multi channel amplifier has incorporated a high degree of innovation and excellence thus they are the perfect amplifiers to install into your motor vehicle. 

Multi channel car amplifier usually ensure effective performance with the best sound quality to clearly hear every word in a song. A reason why you should purchase one for your home use or even your car audio system is that your musical taste will always get advanced and nourished.

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