Best Av Receiver for Music Reviews and Guides of 2024

Music is proven to be one of the ways to relax the mind when there are emotional tantrums in ones’ life. The quality of music is very important. You could listen to music but rather than getting the music being of help to your psychological health it becomes more stressing. Having the music coming directly from the television is good. But for best output results, you need the best AV receiver for music and a set of speakers to give you a booming cinema experience.In a global market whereby there are many brands of av receivers, it is overwhelming trying to get the right one for you.

Top 10 Best Av Receiver for Music

  • Denon AVR-S540BT Receiver
  • Yamaha RX V683BL-7-2-Channel music cast
  • Sony STR DH790-7-2-Channel Receiver
  • Yamaha Rx V679BL-7-2 Channel
  • Denon AVR-X3500 Av receiver
  • Onkyo TX-SR373 5.2 Channel
  • Sony STRDH750-7-2 Channel Receiver
  • Yamaha RX V485BL 5.1 Channel
  • Yamaha RX V685 7.2 Channel
  • Yamaha Rx A880 Audio Component Receiver

Best AV Receiver for Music Overview

Denon AVR S540BT Receiver
  • Denon AVR-S540BT
  • Customer Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Audio/Video Receivers & Amplifiers
  • Item Weight : 16.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.56 x 17.09 x 5.94 inches
  • Surround Sound Channel: 5.1
Yamaha RX V683BL 7 2 Channel music cast
  • Yamaha RX V683BL
  • Customers Rating : 4.5 out of 5 starts
  • Best Sellers Rank : #205 in Audio/Video Receivers & Amplifiers
  • Can accept bare wire or spades: Yes
  • Works with Alexa for voice control : Yes
  • 7.2 Channel
Sony STR DH790 7 2 Channel Receiver
  • Sony STR DH790
  • Customers Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Best Sellers Rank: #35 in Audio/Video Receivers & Amplifiers
  • Compatibility: 4K HDR/Dolby Vision
  • HDR passthrough allow: Yes, allow for all devices
  • Surround Sound Channel: 7.2 channel
Yamaha Rx V679BL 7 2 Channel
  • Yamaha Rx V679BL
  • Customers Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 starts
  • 4K Ultra HD with HDCP 2.2: Yes ((video upscaling))
  • Dimension: 17.5 x 21 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Surround Sound Channel : 7-2 Channel
Denon AVR X3500 Av receiver
  • Denon AVR-X3500
  • Customers Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 starts
  • Dimensions: 17.2 x 14.9 x 6.6 inches
  • Output Wattage: 105 Watts
  • Weight: 23.80 lbs
  • Surround Sound Channel : 7.2 channel

How Does An Av Receiver Work? 

Av receivers are complex electronic devices. They are the wits and brawn behind a booming musical experience in your house or the cinemas. It has several jobs it undertakes, they include receiving, decoding, amplifying, and controlling the speakers. Most of them come with radio options. Let us get into the actual details of the task it performs.

Signal Transmission 

The source of the music generates a signal that is transmitted to the receiver component of the av. The receiver then directs the signal to the respective output based on the type of the signal. The signal is cleaned and boosted ready for release to the speaker (s). This is one of the greatest roles it plays. Amplifying which means boosting the sound that you listen to. Decoding can be done using analog or digital decoders.

Digital Recorder

A digital decoder is simple to use. It is capable of directing signals to the respective output zones perfectly without any physical connectivity. In analog decoding, the analog surround sound signal channels are sourced from two audio channels that make a stereo system. This process is referred to as the 4-2-4 processing. This is because the encoder works on the front and rear channels and makes them stereo channels, the ordinary ones.The surround-sound decoder will later separate the channels.

Several tasks are assigned to the av receiver apart from decoding sound signals. These tasks are very crucial in running a home theatre. The av receiver is responsible for managing the audio sources. The receiver allows you to choose where you want the sound to come from. For the music lovers, you will get to regulate sound as you wish. If you have different music sources, for example, your tab, iPhone or laptop, through the av receiver settings you will be able to select what device plays its music


The Av receiver manages the video sources. The video sources are normally connected to the av receiver directly. The Av receiver is then connected to the display device. This setup will help you a lot in simplifying the selection of the video sources. Av receivers are known for decoding the surround sound. Advanced Av receivers are fitted with the ability to decode the most recent audio formats such as Dolby.

Av receiver best is capable of amplifying sound to several speakers. They can power several speakers for up to 7.1.4 used by Dolby Atmos. We understand that every music enthusiast would love to have a great level of control on the sound produced. Regulating bass, treble gain, and such settings to get the notes as played originally.

Most of the hi-fi speakers or woofers do not offer the ability to make such regulations. Av receiver speakers give you control over the sound output. It does the job impeccably. The remote control mechanism, as well as the television display or receiver display capabilities, enables you to control the system as you wish. That is how an Av receiver for music works.

Best Av Receiver for Music Reviews

After an extensive research, the following are top 10 recommended AR receiver for music that you can check.

 1. Denon AVR-S540BT Receiver

Denon AVR S540BT Receiver

It’s time to light up your house with good quality music. The Denon AVR-S540BT Av receiver has a built-in Bluetooth mechanism. This enables you to stream music using your handsets with Bluetooth. Apart from Bluetooth, the Denon has multiple streaming services that allow you to stream.  Music for Fire devices, Spotify, Tidal, and many others that accommodate different devices running different operating systems. The finishing of the Denon is beautiful and stylish to match the décor of your rooms.

Quality Display 

Your display screen will be of great help when it comes to setting up the device. It stands out amongst all the other best Av receiver. Gives high-quality brightness. 4K UHD enabled to give exceptional results. The contrast and colors that are produced are of higher quality compared to other analog receivers. Dissipates 140w per channel, this is a great power for a quality sound all across your rooms. 5 amplifiers regulate the power to the speakers.

Easy to setup

One of the most amazing things about the Denon AVR-S540BT Receiver is its easy setup mechanism. Denon offers a great on-screen installation mechanism, easy to follow and straight to the point. You do not require any great skills such as being a technician to be able to set it up. All you need is to sit back and follow the prompts given on the screen. The Denon Heos link gives you an ability to make an integrated system.

Why we should choose it

Why consider purchasing a Denon AVR-S540BT? You need a high-quality Av receiver that will last longer giving you quality sound output. The urge to have quality sound brings about the need to purchase the best Av receiver. The Denon offers multiple ways of connecting your source device to the receiver.

 2. Yamaha RX V683BL-7-2-Channel music cast

best Av receivers for music

Yamaha is one of the best companies when it comes to musical equipment that meets the user standards of quality and durability. Yamaha has got your back when it comes to making your sound lit. To use the Av receiver use it with the Music Cast 20 or 50 wireless speakers. The kind of convenience you experience with wireless speakers is one that leaves you yearning for more. It is a game-changer in the entertainment industry.


Compatible with the HDMI standards of technology.  4K quality Videos can easily be transmitted with a speed of 60 frames p/s. Additionally, the Yamaha-RX-V683BL-7-2 Av receiver incorporates a High dynamic range video that is inclusive of Dolby. This makes sure that the quality of the video output is high, very clear with bright colors and high contrast. The high-quality video output gives you a real impression of the pictures as they occur in their natural form.


The Yamaha Av receiver has multiple options of how to connect with the hand devices or other sources.It offers Bluetooth, WI-FI, and airplay to connect multiple devices. Employs the mechanism of reflecting sound control that reflects sound uniformly for quality sound. You will have all your speakers getting the sound signals all at the same time. The Av receiver has 2 HDMI ports for two simultaneous connections. This could serve as a TV and a projector. 

Why we should choose it

This is one of the best Av receivers under 1000. Unlike the other Av receivers, this one has a Phono input that allows you to play your piano and amplify the voice in your room. The multiple options to connect it to different devices offer the versatility of performance. Feel the value for your money.

 3. Sony STR DH790-7-2-Channel Receiver

Sony STR DH790 7 2 Channel Receiver

Sony has been in the music and electronic appliances industry for very many years. Their experience is far much broad and intensive. They aim at giving users what is best for their needs. We have had customer reviews that rate the Sony as the master in devices. The Sony STR AV receiver is one of the best Av receivers with wireless speakers. The methods of connecting devices to the Av receiver are multiple for the flexibility of devices running different operating systems.

Sound Quality

Make your home life with the Dolby ATMOS technology that improves sound quality bringing a Cinema like experience. With Dolby sound, you get an all-round surround sound from all speakers placed in your room. Offers 5.1.2 channel sound that is received by all the speakers in a 360 degrees angle. It allows you to use different types of speakers. This is powered by the digital cinema auto calibration technology. This technology ensures that all speakers produce quality sound.

Video Output

The Sony-STR-DH790-7-2 Av receiver supports high dynamic range signals. This increases the contrast as well as the brightness of the video quality output. The pictures are highly enhanced by Dolby's vision technology. The quality of the pictures is maintained at 4k quality. This is quality and not all Av receivers can provide this. Another amazing thing about the Sony Av receiver is, you can power it on and off using your gadget paired to it.

Why we should choose it

Sony is one of the best companies in the world dealing with electrical devices. The Sony STR DH790 Av receiver is a great Av receiver for music. You don’t have to walk to it to power it on and off. What you need to do is put it on via the paired device and enjoy the music.

 4. Yamaha Rx V679BL-7-2 Channel

Yamaha Rx V679BL 7 2 Channel

Yamaha is a big and great company that has filled the electronic and music accessory market with their numerous products. Their products meet the qualities and expectations of buyers. Reviews that come from customers rating the Yamaha products are hilarious and great and win themselves high ratings. The Yamaha Rx V679BL Av receiver is close to the Rx V683Bl. One of the best Av receiver under 1000. Make your movies the best.

Connectivity Options

It offers a wide range of options to use to connect the devices that stream music. They include Bluetooth, Spotify connect, WI-FI, and Airplay. So with these options all devices irrespective of their operating systems, you can comfortably pair them to the Av receiver.Yamaha Rx V679BL is designed with a Music enhancer that is made to work with Bluetooth audio signals for enhanced sound when in wireless play mode. The waves have a wide range of transmission.

Built-In WI-FI

Yamaha Rx V679BL has built-in WI-FI capabilities that allow a direction with a router for easy connectivity with your pc as well as other live streaming services.  We have the music playing on your screen while the voice is amplified by the Av receiver. No wires are needed to connect. The wireless feature allows you to play music from your phone and also gives you the ability to control your Av receiver directly through your phone.

Why we should choose it

The Yamaha Av receiver is a great amplifier that you can gift yourself with especially when music is to be mentioned. You have a guarantee of high-quality sound and pictures. With the multiple options to connect, you can easily connect any device with the Av receiver and enjoy brilliant wireless music.

 5. Denon AVR-X3500 Av receiver

Denon AVR X3500 Av receiver

The Denon Av receiver is one of the best-selling Av receivers in the market. They combine both user-friendliness with high-quality sound and multiple connectivity options. It is designed to light up the music experience in your houses.Denon AVR X3500 uses the Alexa voice controller . The Alexa voice controller should be combined with the HEOS for executing the voice commands issued. Capable of powering a 7 channel amplifier as a result of its high power.

Quality Sound

Denon has the Dolby ATMOS technology that increases the quality of sound signals traveling to the speakers for a great experience. DTS:X advanced technology for great movie experiences. It has an HDMI port that allows a direct connection with your pc for sound and pictures. Ensures that you get original content wherever you are. The AVR-X3500 supports the Hybrid Log Gama and High Dynamic Range Format of the videos. They ensure that the colors, contrast, and brightness of the pics and videos are great.

Easy Set up

Easy to set up with a guided on the screen set up. The instructions are so easy to follow. These settings help you connect your devices for a lively experience. It comes with a remote control that helps you administer instructions to the Av receiver. So far the Denon AVR-X3500 has proved to be one of the best Av receivers. It allows you to troubleshoot it using the IP remote control. Get yourself a Denon AVR-X3500 Av receiver and enjoy it.

Why we should choose it

One of the top-selling Av receivers for home use is the Denon AVR-X3500. The reason as to why it tops in the market is that it has a very captivating set of features that all aim at giving you a great experience in your house. The house shifts to your fingers where you control your amplifier with remote control.

 6. Onkyo TX-SR373 5.2 Channel

Onkyo TX SR373 5.2 Channel

The Onkyo TX-SR373 5.2 Channel Av receiver is a product of the Onkyo Company. Perfect to listen to your movie soundtracks through. Decodes Dolby based signals, HD master which happens to be the most popular waves of both audio and video signals. It gives the user legit and original sound and pictures.Has HDMI ports. These are to be used with HDMI cables which happen to be the future of computing in a few years.


HDMI connectivity allows you to connect the best Av receiver with your TV with only one unit of installation. Additionally, it has an Audio Return Channel essential in amplifying broadcasts. It offers Bluetooth connectivity that eliminates the need for using cabled connections with the speakers and the source of the music. The high tech music optimizer mode enhances the compressed audio to give great audio experience. The crossover frequencies are strong and travel fast to reach the speaker on time.

Quality Sound

With speakers mounted all over the room, you need them to provide high-quality sound at the same time. This calls for great and well spread audio signals. The Onkyo Tx-SR373 offers this ability. Sound waves broadcast with a 360-degree angle. All speakers get the same frequency at the same time. You can also use a USB device with music-filled in it to enjoy high-quality sound. Easy to connect since the instructions are given.

Why we should choose it

Are you looking for the best Av receiver under 300? Well here’s the deal. The Onkyo Tx- SR373 Av receiver has it all. Easy to set up. You have the instructions right next to you easy and direct to the point. Supports multiple types of video signals for versatility.

 7. Sony STRDH750-7-2 Channel Receiver

best Av receivers for music

Sony maintains the lead in the world market and statistics when it comes to great and high-quality electronic devices. Fitted with many features to deliver to the user according to the user's demands. The best Av receivers for music has several HDMI inputs that offer high-quality video inputs to give you the best visuals. The Bluetooth enabled device allows you to connect your source of music through wireless connectivity.This will keep your room tidy and wire-free.

Different Speaker Connectivity

A highly powered 7.2 channel Av receiver. It provides 145 watts of power in every channel. This ability makes it possible for you to connect different speakers to the Bi-amp. Rarely do you find an Av receiver under 500 offering options for connecting speaker C and D or C or D together? Control your Bluetooth music experience that connects to all Bluetooth devices. Additionally, it is designed with aptx codec that improves the strength of the signal when you are streaming via wireless medial.

Simple Set Up

Easy to set up a mechanism with graphically based instructions that are displayed on the screen via the HDMI input. To adjust the settings the Av receiver after the initial set up you use your screen. Check the volume and medial playing via the screen too. Supports multiple types of music from mp3, WMA, WAV AIFF formats, and many more. There is no instance that your music will fail you due to incompatibility.

Why we should choose it

One of the best ways where you can express emotions in music is by having high-quality sound. The Sony Bluetooth to Av receiver is designed to express the notes and feelings in music. No word or moment should pass you in a movie. Controlled by a remote that is easy to use.

 8. Yamaha RX V485BL 5.1 Channel

Yamaha RX V485BL 5.1 Channel 1

Yamaha RX V485BL 5 1 Channel

Yamaha being a great Company that feeds trusted customers with incredible electronic devices you have an assurance that the RX V485BL 5.1 Channel. The Rx v485 Av receiver is one of the top-notch that are designed to thrill you by giving you a great musical experience.This best Av receivers for music offers multiple ways to connect to the devices that stream music.One of the ways to connect is through Bluetooth. It allows you to connect without the need for wires.

TV Connection

The Av receiver HDMI has the HDMI ports that allow you to connect to pc and TV’s easily in just one connection. Apart from the Bluetooth method of connecting the Av receiver to the gadgets, it also offers other methods of connecting such as Airplay and Spotify. Having a variety of ways of connectivity ensures that no devices are locked out from connecting to the Av receiver.Supports transmission of the video signal at a speed of 60 frames p/s.

Built-in WI-FI

Has inbuilt WI-FI capability that enables a direct connection to the router. This eliminates the need for any physical connectivity to your pc because it offers a direct connection to the pc through the router. Simplify your connections and maximize the output the user receives. The Yamaha Av receiver can receive and send audio signals to Bluetooth enabled headsets. Yamaha Parametric room acoustic optimizer ensures an equal distribution of audio signals to the speakers.

Why we should choose it

Are you wondering why the Yamaha RX V485 5.1 Channel is the best Av receivers for music? This receiver is Bluetooth to Av receiver. This means that you can listen to music through your headphones that are receiving the sound from the AV receiver. Such options are rare to find with other devices.

 9. Yamaha RX V685 7.2 Channel

best Av receivers for music

Unboxing the Yamaha Rx V685 7.2 Channel Av receiver, we come across one of the best Av receivers under 1000. The device offers multiple ways of connecting it to the gadgets that stream music live from YouTube or other sources. WI-FI, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect are some of the ways you can use. The WI-FI connectivity allows you to connect the Av receiver to the Television or laptop via the router. This means that no physical connections are required.

Ultra HD Video

Supports the HDMI and 4k ultra HD video signals that travel at a speed of 60 frames each second. There is no lag experienced whereby the pictures play and sound drags or vice versa. Built to redefine your taste when it comes to the quality of sound and pictures. To make matters better, it includes Dolby Vision that provides incredible brightness and quality of pictures that they appear to be real. What else would make a better cinema-like environment?

Real-time Connection

Equipped with 2 HDMI ports it can offer a real-time connection between a television and another video display device. You can easily fit one TV in the living room and another in the bedroom and watch the same thing at the same time. The HDMI output 2 carries sound signals to the second screen. Amazingly you can also connect your headphones to the Av receiver and listen to well-balanced music at the comfort of your rooms.

Why we should choose it

As a music enthusiast busy going through reviews on where to find the best Av receiver to power up your stereo, this is one great Av receiver to consider purchasing. Multiple advantages that you will experience will thrill you. The quality of sound and picture output you get is great and gives you a real experience.

 10. Yamaha Rx A880 Audio Component Receiver

Yamaha Rx A880 Audio Component Receiver

This is another Yamaha best Av receivers for music that has great specs accompanying it to deliver to customers. The Rx A880 Av receiver with music cast falls under the category of best Av receiver under 1000. To start with, its design is magnificent. Well-engineered to match the décor in your posh suites. The Av receiver is designed to provide great quality sound for the best music experience. Its power ratings and number of speakers it can support is incredible.

High Definition Sound

The type of device you need to blow the roof. Fill your house with emotions expressed in movies as well as music. The Rx A880 is designed to harmonize modern and traditional technologies together to draw the best from the two generations. Due to its complex design, the AVENTAGE Rx A880 can provide the highest definition of sound that all customers will be left talking about. The amplification of the sound is great.

Anti-Resonance Technology

Fitted with Anti resonance technology. It acts as a sound dampener to dampen the vibrations that come from the transformer. The Aluminum built front panel with a silky feel and touch. The Aluminum acts as a shield to prevent external sound from getting to the internal components of the Av receiver as well as its circuitry. Features full 4k HDMI video support. The pictures have a sharp contrast that resembles real life. WI-FI connectivity methods are available.

Why we should choose it

Why buy the Rx A880 Av receiver? The best Av receiver with Bluetooth. Bluetooth techie works both in and out of the receiver. This means that you can listen via a headphone. Sound is reflected by the Reflected sound control device to ensure that all the speakers receive the sound waves at equal time durations.

Final Verdict

Technology is one of the greatest evolving parts of human lives in the century we are in. You can brag about a new device but only for a short time before a better one is manufactured. As a music enthusiast, we do not want you to hit the shops now and then purchasing an amplifier for your stereo.

That is why you need to invest real good in an Av receiver, best Av receiver for music. The above review focuses on some of the best Av receivers for music you can ever gift yourself. The devices emanate from some of the best companies in the world. We do hope the review helps you a great deal.

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