Top 10 the Best Center Channel Speakers Under 500

Do you want to enhance your home theatre experience? Get the best center channel speakers under 500. A center channel speaker is the component of the surround sound system placed centrally. The sound system has four other channels that surround the centerpiece and a sub-woofer.

This center channel speaker is normally placed above or below the screen to enhance the sound. If you have a tight budget and still want to own a center channel speaker, here is a list of the best center channel speakers under 500 to pick from.

Best Center Channel Speakers Under 500

  1. Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker
  2. Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 - Compact High Definition Center Channel Speaker
  3. Definitive Technology CS-8040HD Speaker
  4. Definitive Technology CS-9040 Center Channel Speaker
  5. Micca MB42X-C Center Channel Speaker
  6.   Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker
  7.   Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker
  8.   Polk Audio T30 100 Watt Home Theater Center Channel Speaker
  9. JBL Studio 520CBK 2-Way Dual 4-Inch Center Channel Speaker
  10. Yamaha's NS-C210 Center Channel Speaker

Comparison Table of Best Center Channel Speakers Under 500


Product's Name




Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker

  • Patented power port technology
  •  Versatile
  • Dynamic balance
  • 2

    Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 - Compact High Definition Center Channel Speaker

  • Big center channel sound
  • Pro cinema system 
  • Balanced Dolby surrounds sound
  • 3

    Definitive Technology CS-8040HD Speaker

  • Sonic purity
  • Low bass radiator
  • Patented technology used
  • 4

    Definitive Technology CS-9040 Center Channel Speaker

  • Built-in bass radiator
  • Aluminum dome tweeters
  • Premium sound quality
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    Tips for Choosing a the Best Center Channel Speakers under 500

    Before you invest in the best center channel speakers under 500, there are essential things you need to check. This will help you pick the most suitable speaker that meets your needs. These tips include the following:


    Are you going to use the center channel speaker for music or dialogue? The purpose for which you are buying a speaker will influence your decision. If your sole reason is to listen to music or watch a movie, choose the center channel speaker meant for music. An amplifier would be a better choice if you simply want to enhance the quality of sound.


    The center channel speaker should be compatible with all the other speakers you have at home. If possible, buy from the same manufacturer. This is important for sound to travel smoothly from one speaker to the other. If the speakers are compatible, you will notice no difference in the sound that comes from different speakers.


    Most center speakers have varying technical specifications. You must be well acquainted before choosing a speaker. Most of these technical specifications determine the sound quality that the speaker will produce. Some of the technical specifications you should check when buying the best center channel speakers under 500 include:

    Configuration ratio (3:1, 5:1, 6:1 or 7:1). The first number shows the surround sound, while the second shows the number of subwoofers.

    Signal-to-noise ratio

    This is the amount of noise in the sound of the speaker concerning the signal level. The higher the number, the better. SNR is measured in decibels (dB). A high dB means the level of audio is that number higher than the level of noise.

    Crossover frequency

    This is the process where the signal is divided into portions that are then sent to different speakers. This is what you will hear as sound. The action of dividing and directing is dependent on frequency. Choose a center speaker that has a high crossover frequency.


    Your speaker should have an electric circuit that is capable of resisting the flow of alternating current. Pick a center channel speaker with neither low nor high impedance but optimum.


    Sensitivity measures how loud a speaker is in both a room environment and a non-echoing environment. A higher sensitivity rate means the speaker is loud. Choose a speaker with a standard sensitivity of 88dB but if you find one with over 90dB that is the best.

    Magnetic shielding

     Choose a center channel speaker that has magnetic shielding. This prevents the inner magnets from attracting any other electronic equipment that you may have placed next to the speaker.

    Bi-wire capability

    Go for a center channel speaker that will give you a better projection of bass. Most high-end speakers have this property.

    Frequency response

    Choose a speaker that can produce different frequencies correctly without any distortions.


    The larger the speaker, the better the sound. If your budget and space, choose a speaker that is more than 15 inch. Speakers that are 38 inches or more produce marvelous and flawless sound.


    When choosing a center channel speaker under 500, ask whether it has a warranty. Most speakers have warranties that cover a period of one or two years. If you can get a quality speaker with a more extended warranty period, that is the best choice.

    Best Center Channel Speakers Under 500 Reviews

    There is a wide range of center channel speakers available. How do you select the right one? How do you determine one model is better than the other? We have researched many models of center channel speakers from various brands. The following are the best center channel speakers under 500 you can consider buying.

     1. Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker 

    Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker

    Looking for that big surround theatre feeling when listening to music? This center channel is what you need. The Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker has a beautiful welcoming design. This feature gives it a bold dramatic look. Additionally, it combines several elements to make the best center channel speaker under 500.



    This center channel speaker comfortably fits in any home theatre set up. If you already arranged your home theater and want to add the Polk Audio Signature series, you do not have to rearrange it to look good. Just add the speaker to the existing arrangement. The speaker is compatible with other setups as well. You are guaranteed the room-filling sound that you are looking for any time you use this speaker.

    Patented power port technology

    Technology reduces any distortion in the sound reproduced. The speaker features a turbulence smoothing diffuser, which allows the speaker to produce deeper bass. As a result, the sound is rather clear for you to enjoy your music. This feature takes movie watching to another level since it gives a very rich sound.

    High-resolution audio performance

    Designed to make you feel like you are present in that live performance, the center channel speaker delivers. You always get that high end yet clear and detailed response. With this center channel speaker, the vocals in music and movies improve.  The speaker also has support mechanisms that make it reproduce the high-resolution audio. Additionally, the speaker has a very improved audio extension. You will truly enjoy listening to music and watching movies in a whole new way.

    Dynamic balance

    The Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker is designed to deliver the best. Its acoustic array and precision cross overs are well balanced with the magnetic grille that is anti-diffraction Dome tweeter. The surround system here, has balanced components, a subwoofer, a center channel two speakers, and bookshelves speakers as well. This is the best Polk center channel speaker of its time.

    Pros and Cons


    • Ultra Slim and fits in small spaces easily
    • Has a modern style and performance-oriented look that is very attractive
    • The surround system has a signature collection that boosts delivery
    • Has a reliable surround sound is produced
    • Provides a cinematic experience all the time


    • At certain voice ranges, there is boominess
    • Strains a lot on the lower frequencies.


    • Designed with an impressive surround system and with a signature series collection.
    • Round edges for easy rearranging on vertical or horizontal spaces
    • Keyholes for easy mounting
    • Super slim tall speakers for reliable sound

     2. Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 - Compact High Definition Center Channel Speaker

    Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 - Compact High Definition Center Channel Speaker

    Do you love that powerful bass? Get the Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000. It is a high definition center channel speaker designed for your home theatre system. It is the best center channel speaker under 500 to add to your home entertainment system. Enjoy a nice immersive cinematic experience when watching Tv or movies and the intelligible dialogue.


    Big center channel sound

    This is undoubtedly the center channel speaker that you need. The center channel speaker here allows you to enjoy the dialogue in any movie. So you can enjoy the soundtrack and dialogue too. It is well designed to tolerate and deliver the sequences of act packed sound. This results in phenomenal sound reproduction. The reproduced sound is notably undistorted. Even at a high volume level you still get a clear sound.

    Balanced Dolby surrounds sound 

    It allows you to play loud yet clear sound. Its tonal accuracy is also great. This speaker has an eccentric design that incorporates BDSS drivers' technology. The drivers consist of two bass radiators on the enclosures' side. For the powerful bass, the drivers are accompanied by an aluminum tweeter dome. Imagine having this warm, rich, and life-like audio system in your home. Cool right!

    Placement options

    This awesome speaker is user friendly and you can safely place it anywhere in the house. It has a pedestal foot help that secures it when placed on a shelf. And to top it up, you can mount it on a wall or Tv. Also, you have the option of adjusting the angle. Wow! Its rare panels have keyholes slots that will help you mount it. For safety, when mounted on the walls, it has threaded inserts on the speakers back. They secure the center channel in the wall so that it does not fall.

    Pro cinema system 

    This pro-center 2000 is popular in the market.  The sound achieved by the pro-center system creates a pro-cinema experience. One that is immersive and enjoyable to listen to. It delivers clear, intelligible dialogue. The center channel speaker also excels in music and the thrilling experience will leave you wanting more. This speaker, therefore, is the best center channel speaker for dialogue.

    Pros and Cons


    • Best speaker for dialogue
    • Multiple placing options for the speaker
    • Compact and portable
    • Angle position is adjustable to suit the ear height
    • Top of the line speaker in the market


    • Pro-stands are bought separately


    • Has a High-definition Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) technology drivers.
    • Bass radiators for enhancing Low-frequency performance
    • it has inbuilt feet
    • Compact high definition center channel speaker
    • Mountable on the wall
    • Five-way binding post as the connector type of the speaker

     3. Definitive Technology CS-8040HD Speaker

    Definitive Technology CS-8040HD Speaker

    Can your home only accommodate a few speakers, yet you want the best bass response? The Definitive Technology CS-8040HD Speaker will sort you out. It has fewer pieces but produces sound equally good as a system with several speakers. This unique feature makes it the best center channel speaker under 500.


    Bass radiator 

    This center channel speaker system has the bass radiator technology. Unlike other surround speaker systems, the Definitive Technology CS-8040HD Speaker has a full range center speaker. Instead of depending on around five identical truly full-range speakers, this system depends on only one. The bass radiator thus extends the bass response making it one of a kind. This speaker will simply fit in the compact space on the shelf.

    Sonic purity 

    It features a non-resonant housing functions at optimum. This type of housing is specifically meant to maintain the sonic purity of the sound system. The quality of sound is much enhanced due to the low diffraction cabinets. To achieve this, there is a tapered front put in place. There is a second layer that protects the rest of the enclosure from the drivers' vibrations. Hence, in this system, there is no sound distortion.

    Patented technology used

    The speaker is constructed using the second generation BDSS technology. The BDSS drivers are high definition and pressure coupled to a low bass radiator. As a result of this combination, there is a rare bass extension. Get the chance to experience the fun of using this best small center channel speaker.

    Perfectly matched components 

    Its components are skilfully combined to develop the best performing center channel speakers. First, there are two baskets on the D'Apolito array. Secondly, a second BDSS driver is surrounding the aluminum dome tweeter. Finally, the enclosure is acoustically isolated. Combined, the elements allow for greater clarity, wide dispersion of sound, and clear intelligibility. The Definitive Technology CS-8040HD Speaker is truly a must-have sound system for your home theatre.

    Pros and Cons


    • Its small size allows it to fit in compact spaces
    • It is the perfect match for the BP 8040ST & BP 8020ST
    • The tweeter dome is made of pure aluminum thus durable
    • The high definition drivers provide wide dispersion
    • Has a wide frequency response


    • The Av receiver crossover settings are smaller


    • Highly detailed articulation in reproduced sound
    • Low bass radiator
    • A pair of five-way posts
    • Enclosures are solidly built in to prevent unnecessary vibrations.
    • Has the AV receiver crossover settings
    • Compatible with other sound systems.

     4. Definitive Technology CS-9040 Center Channel Speaker

    Definitive Technology CS-9040 Center Channel Speaker

    You rarely see a center channel speaker that allows you to customize the setup. The Definitive Technology CS-9040 Center Channel Speaker however fills this void. It goes a step higher to allow you to pair it with other speakers. This piece fits perfectly in the list of best center channel speaker under 500. Create your home theatre and immerse yourself in the cinematic experience.


    Built-in bass radiator

    To get the best sound, you need a speaker that balances the highs and the lows.  Definitive Technology CS-9040 Center Channel Speaker has a bass radiator built in just for this function. Here, the intelligent bass control allows an impressive balance between the mids and the lows. Consequently, deeper bass with clear sound is reproduced, and the bass is more impactful as well. The accuracy in the balance is what works the magic.

    Premium sound quality

    The powerful sound you hear from this center channel speaker is due to the non-resonance cabinet put in place. This cabinet minimizes any disturbances resulting in a non-distorted sound. The sound you get is clear and natural. The speaker also focuses on the vocal range. Thus, the reproduced sound is of high quality even in demanding audio content. This a one of a kind center channel speaker.

    Aluminum dome tweeters

    Because the speaker produces very clear highs, it requires the right dome tweeter. The dome tweeters installed here in this speaker play higher in frequency. The sound created, therefore, is rather authentic and enjoyable to listen to. With the Definitive Technology CS-9040 Center Channel Speaker, you will enjoy the concert hall experience right in your home's comfort.

    Balanced double surround system

    This type of technology by far improves the drivers' excursion. The selected driver will then produce a bass output that is common in larger drivers. However, it will still retain the great mid range definition and dispersion of the small driver.  You will enjoy great sound quality from a simple driver. This speaker is also the best high end center channel speaker.

    Pros and Cons  


    • The Rubber feet prevent it from scratching the surfaces
    • The grille is acoustically transparent
    • Has a rigid standard for better imaging.
    • Aircraft-grade construction makes it unique


    • Highly-priced product in the market
    • Does not have any specific crossover frequency
    • At low frequency, some noise is generated


    • There is a premium sound quality produced
    • High-performance speakers with integrated bass radiator
    • The grille is Acoustically Transparent
    • Inert resonance-free cabinets.

     5. Micca MB42X-C Center Channel Speaker

    Micca MB42X-C Center Channel Speaker

    Yet again Micca brings to the market a great center channel speaker. Introducing a unique fiber design, Micca MB42X-C Center Channel Speaker is one of the best center channel speakers under 500. It has a beautiful yet classic design that disappears in the room. It is the best budget center channel speaker.


    Carbon fiber woofer

    To achieve the ultra-low midrange distortion, the speaker is equipped with dual carbon-fiber woofers. These features furthermore deliver impactful bass, extremely clear dialogue an enhanced transient. The woven fiber is well balanced within the speaker giving it its unique design. These two woofers make watching movies and listening to music more fun for you. Feel every detail of the sound and vocals.

    Silk dome tweeter

    The dome tweeter here is made of silk and has a high-performance level. This center channel speaker has a driver output well integrated. Its purpose is to match the smooth treble accurate imaging as well as wide dispersion. Moreover, the silk design i.e., elegant.

    Ported enclosure

    Mica Micca MB42X-C Center Channel Speaker comes with the new compact ported enclosure. The enclosure prevents the sound from any distortion allowing you to receive true detailed, and clear sound. This product delivers unbeatable value indeed.  The cinematic experience is impressive for the price you get it at.

    Superior construction

    The construction used to make this center channel speaker is truly superior. Other than the unique fiber woven woofers, the center channel speaker possesses an advanced crossover design. It has a highly optimized crossover. The crossover has nine element yields and an open transformed sound signature. Additionally, the sound is well balanced and dynamic.

    Pros and Cons


    • New unique design with classic contours
    • Disappears into your home decor
    • Well priced in the market
    • It is a risk-free center channel speaker
    • Best for anchoring any important dialogue in a movie
    • Best for anchoring any important dialogue in a movie


    • Requires an amplifier or a receiver to play music
    • Not self-powered


    • Full-size five-way speaker wire binding posts
    • Magnetic grill system for sophistication
    • Perfect tonal march for improved performance
    • Excellent vocal clarity and accurate sound signature
    • Dual carbon fiber woofer

     6. Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker

    Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker

    Once again, Sony has delivered the best center channel speaker under 500 with the new Sony SSCS8. The center channel speaker comes with new exciting features like the room-filling sound. It has moved away from traditional designs and implemented distinguishable techniques and features. If you are looking for the best compact center channel speaker, look no further.


    2 way 3 speakers bass-reflex system

    The design of the bass speaker has a certain instrument reproduction that is very precise. They are perfectly positioned to produce an eccentric sound that will make you enjoy listening to music and watching movies. The depth here is so great that it works for an expansive soundstage as well. The woofer is reinforced with mica foam cellular. These components are made of quality, reliable material.

    Supper tweeter

    The super tweeter has a wide dispersion. Uniquely designed to deliver ultimate responsiveness, this speaker is ideal for high resolution listening. It features a wide directionality that will improve the vocals produced, making them as natural as possible. The sound system also has a high-frequency audio response center channel speaker. The Sony SSCS8 brings home the energy of the high performance and an experience like no other.

    Powerful bass

    To get that nice natural bass, Sonny relies on time's precise alignment across all the frequency ranges. The bass produced is truly powerful and has a fabulous speed. This center channel speaker will rock your senses since it gives the music you listen to a solid foundation. Enjoy the tight, powerful bass when listening to any audio. Be it TV, movies, or music. You still enjoy using this center channel speaker.

    Crossover componentry

    The crossover networks provided in this center channel speaker are of high quality.  These components selected are very reliable. They guarantee zero loss of energetic vocal responses. There are cabinets also provided to isolate any vibrations. You can say this center channel speaker is Great.

    Pros and Cons


    • Improved frequency performance
    • Powerful super bass that stands out
    • The sound vibration is natural and clear
    • The speakers are quality and affordable
    • Multiple positions for installation
    • Impressive design and construction


    • The amp is a bit too loud for a center channel speaker
    • Not advisable for very small rooms


    • Maximum power input
    • Polyester tweeters with speaker impedance
    • A room-filling sound from the speakers.
    • Mica reinforced drives
    • Optimized crossover for clear audio path

     7. Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker

    Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker

    Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker was designed to satisfy all center channel speaker users' needs in the market. It meets all the qualifications to be the best center channel speaker below 500. You can use it individually or combined with other electronics. If you want good looks and great sound, then this center channel speaker is what you are looking for.


    Quality cabinet

    The Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker uses quality material to make the cabinets. This cabinet is well braced from MDF with the thick baffles provided. The design used is admirably reversible and thus can be placed upside down and vise versa. This makes it perfect to use under a video monitor. The grille present in this cabinet is removable. Piano top accents and pewter accents are used to top up the looks of this cabinet. It is undeniably beautiful and attractive.

    Efficient design

    It is virtually compatible with all other electronic devices. This speaker produces clear, open, and spacious sound, one that that you will love. The speakers produce great sound even though they are driven by amplifiers that are modestly powered. So it does not matter what you connect it to. The results are still the same- great sound. This rare design makes the speaker rather efficient.

    Narrow baffle geometry

    This central channel speaker has an amazing design. One of a kind that delivers both good looks and great sound. The speaker has a narrow baffle geometry that wows you all the time. The slender cabinet easily tucks away in your house. The great sound you get comes from the smaller speakers that are very light. The lightweight speaker translates to clear sound production. This design makes it the best slim center channel speaker you can ever own.

    Sound Foundation 

    The center channel speaker is constructed to ensure prime performance. It carries the major part of the audio ranging from dialogue, directional cues, and effects. This foundation makes it work well even in small home theatres. The Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker features angled enclosure flips. The enclosure flip focuses on perfect placement flexibility and aiming. As a result, you get the perfect sound.

    Pros and Cons


    • Best for a small theatre set up at home
    • Stiff and Lightweight producing a spacious sound stage
    • There is a low distortion of the sound produced
    • The bass is excellent for any user
    • High-frequency response is necessary for the perfect reproduction of instruments and vocals


    • There is no midrange driver in the center channel speaker
    • At any extreme volume, there is clipping
    • There is no deep bass


    • Polymer dynamic balance dome tweeter and drivers
    • 5-way binding posts connectors
    • TSI is matched with the timbre to get quality sound from all speakers
    • The dampen energy steals vibrations
    • Timbre-matched to TSi Series so all the speakers in your system produce the same tonal qualities

     8. Polk Audio T30 100 Watt Home Theater Center Channel Speaker

    Polk Audio T30 100 Watt Home Theater Center Channel Speaker

    Center channel speakers are not just meant for music and movies. You can use them for gaming and Tv as well. Enjoy gaming experience using the Polk Audio T30 100 Watt Home Theater Center Channel Speaker. Skillfully created to make you enjoy great sound no matter what you are listening to. You can therefore call it the best center channel speaker below 500.


    Deep bass response 

    The bass from this center channel speaker is massive. Not even the lowest frequencies will prevent the bass produced from being deep enough for you to enjoy. This kind of response makes it entertaining to listen to. Enjoy hosting guests at home with a trusted center channel speaker.

    Dolby and DTS Surround 

    This center channel speaker has two dynamic balance drivers that produce well balanced and natural sound. The surround gives you a real-life theatre experience at home. Polk Audio T30 100 is the best audiophile center channel speaker.

    Compatibility with other pieces

    After buying this speaker, you do not have to worry about not using your earlier electronics. The speaker is compatible with other home theatres and receivers. You will, as a result, have a good number of set up options at your disposal. Be it a multi-room or single room with systems, and you can comfortably have an immersive, personalized setup.


    The Polk Audio T30 100 Watt Home Theater Center Channel Speaker is built for more than just viewing pleasure. This series has great sounding audio for the music you want to listen to. This speaker brings music to life right in your own home. The real-time audio it has makes gaming extra exciting. Feel every slam dunk, and home runs like you are right there.

    Pros and Cons


    • Affordably priced center channel speaker
    • Has the room-filling theatre-like sound
    • Easy to set up and compatible with receivers
    • Reduced sound distortions and less muffled noise
    • Clear and natural audio produced


    • No specified crossover frequency mentioned


    • Features tower speakers, a center channel, two bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer
    • A single silk dome tweeter with dual composite drivers
    • Rear firing bass port for focusing on performance.
    • Premium and quality acoustics and construction

     9. JBL Studio 520CBK 2-Way Dual 4-Inch Center Channel Speaker

    JBL Studio 520CBK 2-Way Dual 4-Inch Center Channel Speaker

    The JBL Studio 520CBK 2 center channel speaker is best for you if you love a dramatic audio experience. It uses cutting edge technology to give you the extreme quality output from the speaker. Its performance has proven that this speaker is the best center channel speaker under 500. The sound produced is similar to the one loudspeakers in theatres produce. Awesome right!


    Low-frequency transducers

    The transducers incorporate light and stiff PolyPlas cones. The technology used here achieves powerful yet clean bass responses for all listening levels. These heavy-duty magnets that are well assembled with the symmetrical field geometry play a key role in producing quality sound. The speaker has a non-resonant frame made of aluminum that stores this magnificent technology. The result is a crisp high impact bass.

    Compression drivers

    Here the compression drivers are high frequency. To get the realism of the sound, there is one-piece diaphragm and a voice coil. Together they function to produce noticeable low distortion. Also, a dynamic range greater than the ordinary midrange drivers is achieved. Consequently, sound clarity is improved most, especially in lower output levels.

    High-frequency horn 

    This is an unrepeatable feature. The horn glass-filled ABS bi-radial. This means that it is controlled at the ear level directly. Similarly, the sound produced, therefore, goes directly to the listeners' ears and hardly interacts with furniture or walls. In turn, the sound you receive is more realistic and way cleaner even if it is over a wide listening area. You can undoubtedly say that this is the best center channel speaker for music.

    Beautiful design

    Both the interior and exterior are beautifully designed. You can say it is clean! The weave design speaks for itself whenever placed in any room. It adds that eccentric touch to the decor. The JBL Studio 520CBK 2 center channel speaker has a glossy finish that attracts the eye immediately you see it.

    If the design is a factor you consider before having a center channel speaker, then this speaker will score the highest. Now that you know how this center speaker works go ahead and try it.

    Pros and Cons


    • Magnificent and exclusive design and construction
    • Modern technology and techniques used to construct it.
    • Powerful and accurate center channel speaker system
    • Improved detail and clarity in the sound reproduced
    • Reduced coloration and distortion for better sonic clarity.


    • Lower sensitivity compared to its counterparts


    • Dual Transducers possessing PolyPlas cones for both high frequency and low frequency
    • Modern ultra-ridged MDF frequency
    • Two-way crossover networks that smoothen and improve the transition between woofers.
    • MDF enclosures are rigid with non-parallel surfaces, thus reducing resonance.
    • The bass point facing the rare end increase sound dispersion. For both high frequency and low frequency

    10. Yamaha's NS-C210 Center Channel Speaker

    Yamaha's NS-C210 Center Channel Speaker

    Here comes one of the best speakers from Yamaha for the best sound from HD sources. This also is one of the best center channel speakers below 500 by Yamaha. It is designed to reproduce dynamic sound when watching movies and sitcoms. Moreover, it performs even better when listening to music. This speaker has dome tweeters and cone woofers to give the best-elevated sound. It comes in various colors that will suit your interior.


    Great sound for HD sources

    Yamaha NS-C10 produces exceptional sound quality for HD sources. Aluminum woofers and dome tweeters make this the best center channel speaker for movies and music. Aluminum woofers offer fast response while balanced dome users give you the best possible sound. Connect it to a DVD, Blu ray disc players, and other HD players to get the best sound detail and clarity.

    Dual cone woofers

    The woofer made of aluminum, making it light portable. Stiff alumina used in the woofer diaphragm allows sound to move at high speed. If you enjoy the bass in music, this is the speaker for you as it has an excellent bass response.

    Balanced dome tweeter

    To enhance sound quality, the tweeter has a balanced dome design common for high-end Yamaha music systems. This design radiates sound with a wide dispersion pattern. Its large size makes the sound disperse effectively. This center channel is the best large center channel speaker indeed.

    Slim design

    If you are thinking of a center channel speaker that will match your other speakers and the interior decor of your house, this is it. NS-C210 center channel speaker has a slim design to match flat-panel TVs. This design also allows the speaker to be placed anywhere with minimum effort. It’s beautiful exterior finish makes it blend well with any other color that is part of your interior decoration.

    Pros and Cons


    • Slim, lightweight and compact
    • Best for HD sound sources2-way bass-reflex
    • Extra fast response
    • Affordably priced


    • No magnetic shielding installed
    • Front grill not removable


    • 2-way bass-reflex center channel speaker
    • Well balanced dome tweeter
    • Dual unique cone woofers
    • 120W maximum power input
    • No magnetic shielding provided
    • High-frequency response
    • Lightweight and easily portable center channel speaker
    • Optional bookshelf, subwoofer, and front channel speakers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I make my center channel louder?

    The commonest and easiest way to increase the center channel speaker's volume is by turning up the volume button. If you still want louder sound than that, then there are other ways to do it. 

    You can make the center channel louder using an AV receiver or a DVD/Blu-ray disc player. Most AV Receivers have automatic speaker level setup functions. You can also manually increase the volume after the automatic setting by one or two dB.

    Can I Use a Bookshelf Speaker for A Center Channel?

    Of course, you can.  The only difference is that you have to position the bookshelf upright to avoid sound degradation. If you have space in your house to place the bookshelf upright at the same level as your right and left speakers, go for it.

    A center channel system is used to reproduce sound. Any other type of speaker other than a subwoofer can function quite well as a center channel speaker.

    Where Should I Put My Center Speaker?

    The best spot for a venter speaker would be ideally above or below your television set. The most important is to put it at close range to the TV and at ear level.

    Do not put the center speaker too far from the TV, as this will make it seem like the sound is not from the TV.  Never should you put the center speaker in a lateral position. Ensure too that the tweeter of the speaker is facing the direction of where you will sit.

    What Should I Look for in A Center Channel Speaker?

    A center channel is probably an essential speaker you will have. When buying a center speaker, look for one that is compatible with the ones you already have. Look for one that is big to get good sound projection.

    Most importantly, consider technical specifications like impedance, configuration ratio, magnetic shielding, frequency response, and cross-over frequency. These are essential specs that you should not ignore when looking for the best center channel speaker.

    Do I Need a Center Channel Speaker for Music?

    Today, music is being designed to run in stereo mode. This means that the music will be playing in either right or left speaker or both. Unless the music has been designed to play in a surround sound setup, a center channel speaker is not necessary for music. Stereo speakers are the best for music.

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    Finally, the best center channel speakers under 500 is one that will suit more than just listening to music. You need to get one that will help you enjoy watching tv and movies, gaming, and even listening to music.

    With any of the center channel speakers above, you get the chance to have a theatre experience in your home's comfort. Enjoy the best surround sound, bass, and dialogue from all the above speakers. You can comfortably host lunch at your home and rely on a central channel speaker as your entertainment source.

    Joe Carrow

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