Best Touch Screen Car Stereo with Bluetooth 2024

Everyone desires to travel in a car with some soft uninterrupted music playing along. For road trips and long-distance travel, it will feel boring to travel in a silent car. Playing some music creates entertainment and leaves one with moments worth remembering. The design of a touch screen car stereo with Bluetooth multimedia ensures that you enjoy every escape of your drive upon purchasing one. Not only does it make your car gain fanciful looks but also enables you to view all the information at a glance ensuring that you are not interrupted as you drive. For car models without it, you can purchase one and fix it to ensure that you do not miss such beautiful car displays and audio operations.

Top 10 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo with Bluetooth

  1. Double Din Digital Media Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver
  2. Pyle Single DIN Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver
  3. Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo Receiver
  4. Jensen CMR270 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver
  5. JENSEN CDR462 6.2 inch touch screen car stereo Receiver
  6. Double Din DVD Touch Screen Car stereo Receiver
  7. Aboutbit Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo with Bluetooth
  8. Kenwood DMX4707S Touch Screen Digital Multimedia Receiver
  9. Multimedia Car stereo Single Din Car radio
  10. UNITOPSCI Double Din Android Car stereo Receiver

Reviews of the Best Touch Screen Car Stereo with Bluetooth

 1. Double Din Digital Media Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver

Double Din Digital Media Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver

For drivers, the quality of their car stereo plays a great role in the quality of drive they will offer. The above hd touch screen stereo, 7 inch touchscreen double din digital receiver, is greatly engineered with essential features that make it every driver's dream. Its effectiveness and quality are highlighted by the following features:

  • Designed with a front and rear camera

Though the rear camera is separately included in the package, its installation is quite simple. Upon shifting the car into the reversal gear, the special camera is automatically powered to project all the images behind the vehicle on the unit's screen. Besides, it always works as a parking guide making it a must-buy for any driver. This great addition ensures that your car and those around it are safe while reversing.

  • 7-inch touch screen display

It has a clear, bright, and dynamic display which only requires a glance to capture what is on the screen and tune according to your will. The LCD is quite responsive thus you will effortlessly switch to any setting of your choice within a tap of your fingertip. Also, the display is designed with numerous innovative graphics to guarantee complete control over many functions of your car ensuring you have a fulfilling driving experience.

  • Aux Input

Other than the application of Bluetooth to connect with other external audio output devices, this stereo is designed with an Aux Input which allows you to play the music of your choice. So, you will be able to entertain yourself with the MP3 player or smartphone music while using the audio system simply by linking them via the Aux Input. Besides, it is also designed with a wireless android auto remote control to give access to all occupants in your car to play their preferred songs.

  • Has a great range of options and accessories
  • Pumps excellent audio quality to your car speakers
  • Easy installation
  • Allows one to charge supportive devices via the USB
  • Easy to use
  • Lacks a user manual to guide beginners on how to use it

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 2. Pyle Single DIN Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver

Pyle Single DIN Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver

This is a car Audio as well as Video system which is highly compatible with several external audio output devices via Bluetooth. Upon purchasing it, you will be able to stream music without necessarily connecting it with a cable. Also, you will be able to answer a phone call as well as initiate the calls hands-free. Below are some of the important features that make it a must acquisition:

  • Multi-touch capacitive screen

The design of its display screen allows it not only recognizes but also responds to the presence of more than one point of contact at a given time simultaneously. In turn, this helps simplify the driver's or rather the user's interaction and operation. Also, one can scroll faster and identify what he/she is looking for without much struggle. You can also pinch-to-zoom to see what is been displayed on the screen.

  • AM/FM Radio with LCD Display

As you travel, you make crave to listen to your favorite local radio channel. In the design of the Pyle single-DIN acceptor, an AM/FM –MPX 2 band radio is incorporated. Not only is it able to store and preset channels but it can also scan up to 30 stations presets all this accomplished on a user-friendly interface. The LCD digital display will always display your channel list for easy tuning to any of your choice.

  • Detachable faceplate

Pyle stereo is manufactured with a detachable faceplate. The most significant importance of this feature is to prevent any form of theft of the base unit. It also reduces any associated damage which may arise as a result of theft. Once detached, there is a reduction in the economic gain a thief would realize thus reducing the thief's psyche as well as the incentive realizable upon reselling. A base unit without a faceplate has a little cost.

Pyle Single DIN Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver
  •  Has smart device compatibility
  • Allows for hands-free operation
  • Compatible with multiple connection types
  • Quite affordable
  • Has a clear display visible while driving
  • Excellent sound quality
  •  The screen may have some glare in bright sunlight.
  • Its size may be unsuitable for certain vehicles such as the 2012 Nissan Altima

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 3. Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo Receiver

Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo Receiver

This is a Podofo brand car stereo product manufactured with a camera to aid in the parking of your vehicle. Its size, 7 feet, is ideal for any type of vehicle.  So, you do not have to worry if it will perfectly fit your car model. Explained below are some of the unique key features that make it worth your purchase:

  • GPS Navigation

With this car stereo, you do not have to worry about losing track of the right path as you travel to unknown places. The unit is designed with an external GPS antenna which is applicable for both online and offline navigation. Furthermore, the unit is compatible with several play store navigation apps such as the Google map. Upon download the apps, you will always be directed as you travel. You can as well use online maps without necessarily downloading them.

  • Steering wheel controls

For safe driving, the driver's eyes and hands are very vital. The eyes need to be focused on the road while the hands steer the wheel. The controls steering of wheel incorporated in this unit, therefore, help the driver execute different commands without losing track of where you are heading. This is because the controls are strategically located on the wheel and thus you can control the functions at a click of a button making it more convenient and safe.

  • WIFI Hotspot

The unit allows you to pair with external Wi-Fi devices. With this connection, you will be able to download any important app you would wish your car stereo to possess. Besides, the connection will allow you to stream any video you may like from different websites such as YouTube and TikTok. You will also be able to receive messages from your family and friends once connected. With an internet connection, the trip will always be more enjoyable.

Podofo Double Din Android Car Stereo Receiver
  •  Allows for hands-free calls
  • Fits in any vehicle with a double din slot in the dashboard
  • The price is pocket friendly
  • Has great android functionality and adequate sound
  • Easy installation easy to use
  • Offers great customer service
  •  It lacks a user manual
  • Might be slow at times

 4. Jensen CMR270 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver

Jensen CMR270 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Stereo Receiver

Cool music certainly makes a journey more enjoyable. This unit is designed with favorable features which in addition to the Bluetooth audio connectivity will also allow you to link external audio devices differently. Upon installing it in your car system, you will be guaranteed music anytime you wish. Besides, it also has several other features and functions which will make you achieve a fulfilling journey, its key features include:

  • Google voice assist button

As you drive, it is always hectic to type long sentences as this may inconvenience or rather draw your attention thus risking causing an accident. For this reason, the engineers of this unit included a Google voice assist which within a touch of a button, you can utter any command. Upon sensing your verbal voice, it will quickly respond to it appropriately. Such commands may include podcasts, and play music. The main purpose of this feature is to ease use by the driver.

  • USB Charging front panel input

As you travel, it is inevitable for your devices to run short of charge. Besides, the connection of your phone with your stereo drains a lot of charges. To avoid music termination due to discharging of your phone, this unit is designed with a front-panel Universal serial bus input. You will be able to charge your phone especially for long drives which may be too long for your phone to retain a charge. You will be able to enjoy your smartphone navigation apps without interference throughout your journey.

  • 7.0-inch touchscreen

This stereo brags of a large LCD digital display which makes it lucrative for any driver to purchase. The 7” sized screen allows you to monitor all the controls with ease. You will be able to use it with much ease as opposed to a small size screen which requires much of your attention. Also, with such a screen, your in-car experience will be immensely boosted as you will easily navigate the various features possessed by your acceptor.

Jensen CMR270 7 Inch
  •  Designed with an upgraded Bluetooth system
  • Avails various options to listen to your music of choice
  • Excellent customer service
  • Manufactured with a wireless remote
  • Compatible with numerous android devices
  • Quite affordable
  •  May display some background whine which is unpleasing
  • Lacks control of the wheel of steering

 5. JENSEN CDR462 6.2 inch touch screen car stereo Receiver


Traveling the country is boring with no music playing in your car. That is why this unit is designed with improved features to ensure you play your cherished songs as well as watch your favorite clips and movies as you tour around. To guarantee the best performances, the designers incorporated the following important features to this car stereo:

  • Front and rear back up camera

Uncertainties always linger around the driver's mind once they engage the reverse gear or intend to park their cars. To minimize these fears, the receiver comes with both front and rear cameras. Also, it is designed with a rear audio input which will always signal you in case of a possible hazard that may be seen by the camera and has the potential to injure your car. Generally, it guarantees you top-notch awareness of what lies in front as well as behind your vehicle.

  • 6.2 inch LED Touch screen display

Each person desires to have a comfortable view out of the functions displayed by their car stereo systems.  The 6.2" high-resolution touch screen display will ensure you experience the best view out as you keep tabs on your favorite content. The effortless navigation experience due to the large display makes it more enticing to acquire such a unit.

  • Steering wheel controls

Convenience is key to an excellent driving experience. The incorporation of steering controls in this unit lets you control certain functions of your car stereo without necessarily shifting your eyesight from the road. This improves your road safety and those of your passengers as you travel. Also, you can install an optional backup camera to your car recipient which will improve awareness of the environment surrounding the car.

JENSEN CDR462 6.2 Inch
  •  Manufactured with a 1-year warranty in case of unforeseen damages while purchasing
  • Quality and quick touch screen  responsiveness
  • Simple installation technics
  • Has an appealing appearance
  • Uncomplicated operation
  • Has a great sound
  •  Bluetooth playback does not display the remaining time for a playing song or track

 6. Double Din DVD Touch Screen Car stereo Receiver

Double Din DVD Touch Screen Car stereo Receiver

Different people have different tastes and preferences. This unit is designed to suit the preference of any driver who desires to possess an excellent car stereo. The package is sold with several items such as the speaker input and camera among others which makes it a perfect choice. The features explained below highlight its uniqueness and performance.

  • Highly compatible Bluetooth system

Acquisition of a stereo whose Bluetooth links up with other devices is stable always makes one satisfied. This unit is equipped with a piece of Bluetooth wireless music and video streaming system which ensures you view any song and movie of your choice as you travel. Furthermore, its compatibility with other devices such as your android phones and tablets is guaranteed. With the aid of Bluetooth, you will be able to answer or reject phone calls conveniently.

  • Built-in CD player

At times, you may desire to play music available on your CD track. For this reason, your car stereo has been designed with a built-in CD player system which will enable you to play as well as watch any kind of music or movie available only on a CD hard disk. It also has a USB port which allows you to charge while playing music at the same time. Besides, the SD slot is meant for digital audio and video playback.

  • Touch screen tablet style

The 6.2" sized touch screen display is designed with a top-notch double-din dashboard whose main aim is to allow you to operate the system simply and conveniently as it is quite responsive to any touch of your skin. The control interface is also user-friendly and quite simple to understand and operate even for novice users. The touch screen display also immensely improves the general appearance of your car.

Double Din DVD Touch Screen Car stereo Receiver
  •  Has a digital video player
  •  A credit sized wireless remote control improves convenient application
  • Has a parking video output connector to boost your awareness about the surrounding parking area
  • Affordable
  • Offers multicolor illumination
  • Simple installation
  • Decent sound quality
  •  Lacks a volume knob
  • Inconsistent screen mirroring

 7. Aboutbit Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo with Bluetooth

Aboutbit Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo with Bluetooth

This is a 7 inch large-sized HD touchscreen. Not only is it designed to give you the best music as you travel also gives your car's dashboard an appealing look creating the best driving atmosphere. The fact that it supports several other applications such as the phone link makes it a lucrative purchase item. Below are some of its important features:

  • Waterproof HD rearview Camera input

As a driver, you desire to have full knowledge of what is behind you. As you overtake, it may be hectic checking via the side mirror the vehicles behind you. Also, you do not want to bumper into foreign unseen objects such as blocks as you reverse. The HD rearview camera input will always ensure you have an excellent view of what is placed behind your car. As you overtake, a glance at the unit will let you capture all the vehicles behind you and ease your overtaking process.

  • 1.5A USB Charging

Excellent long drives require your phone to be fully charged. If not, you risk being offline in the middle of your journey. However, with this unit, you do not need to worry anymore. It is designed with a 1.5A USB charging input which enables you to charge your phone or any other compatible device as you travel. Besides, it is a fast-charging input and thus you can charge several devices as you travel. The USB can also be used to transfer files.

  • 7- multicolor backlight option

Colors affect emotions and emotions play a great role in making decisions of the products worth your purchase. A colorful environment brightens up everyone. This unit is designed with colorful buttons for light color as well as favorite light color. Therefore, you can choose any color which is attractive to you or that matches the decoration of your car by setting up a menu.

Aboutbit Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo with Bluetooth
  •  Has high-quality video display of 1080p
  • Designed with steering wheel controls for simple operation
  • Has a wireless remote control
  • Has sensors to alert you of unforeseen objects
  • Super-sleek
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity with external devices
  • Super sound quality
  • Worth every penny
  • The radio reception is a bit poor

 8. Kenwood DMX4707S Touch screen Digital Multimedia Receiver

Kenwood DMX4707S Touch screen Digital Multimedia Receiver

This is a digital multimedia receiver designed with quality features such as built-in Apple Car Play and Android Auto. These features ensure you do not take your eyes off the road as you will be simply using the voice controls to utter various commands which will always be executed efficiently.

  • True mirroring as well as a 2-way Touch control for Android

Do you ever wonder how you will protect your phone screen onto your car stereo unit? Worry no more. This unit allows you to mirror your full phone screen with the aid of a USB, you will be able to not only display but also control your phone screen on your car head unit. The only requirement is that you get to download and install the "Mirroring OA for KENWOOD" free app. afterward; you will be set to connect via a USB cable and Bluetooth.

  • Large widescreen capacitive touchscreen

Road safety is always vital while driving. To help minimize distractions and focus your eyes on the road, the receiver is designed with a 6.8 inch sized high-resolution touch screen display that is not only crystal clear but also highly responsive to any touch. A glance is enough to capture what is displayed on the screen and a quick tap is enough to execute an immediate response. Its operation is always top-notch.

  • Optimal sound performance

Do you desire to modify the sound quality of your car stereo to your most suitable tastes? The unit is designed with a 13 band graphic equalizer which is equal to the task of sound modification. The purpose of the time alignment incorporated in its design is to provide for the finest sound performance. Also, it has voice control which allows you to speak up commands and receive or reject calls hands-free.

Kenwood DMX4707S Touch screen Digital Multimedia Receiver
  •  Has a short chassis design allowing for flexible installation
  • Highly compatible with a huge range of audio file formats from other external devices
  • Has a rearview camera that acts as a parking guide
  • Suitable for any car model
  • Comes with an installation manual
  •  Lacks a user manual

 9. Multimedia Car stereo Single Din Car radio

Multimedia Car Stereo Single Din Car Radio

Though the display screen is a bit small, 4.1”, it is designed with a variety of features that make it unique from the rest of the touchscreen stereos.  It is informative as it tells you the speed you are driving at and when it is necessary to slow down especially when driving to risky areas such as into a tunnel. Below are some of its features:

  • Installation size

Small sizes are suitable for any car model and perfectly fit into any car dashboard. The unit measures 188 by 58 by 63mm which guarantees you fitting into any car. Though small, it is designed with the necessary dockets such as the radio antenna, video output, audio output, and reverse input. If you do not know the size of your dash, it is advisable to purchase this unit as it fits into any car model.

  • High-quality FM radio

Radio is an important car component for an enjoyable ride. However, a radio which manifests poor response to frequencies leads to the production of unclear sound which hurts your ears. This unit is designed with a high-quality digital stereo FM radio which will enable you to tune to your favorite channel as well as enjoy the best local music, videos, and news as you travel. Besides, you will always be informed of traffic information.

  • Steering wheel control function

To ensure your safety and that of your passengers, this package comes with a steering wheel controller. As it is strategically located at the steering wheel, you will spend a few seconds checking which control to press. Therefore, your eyes will always be fixed on the road and no accidents will occur due to divided attention. Also, it is located within arm’s length to ensure convenient operation.

Multimedia Car Stereo Single Din Car Radio
  •  Reliable
  • Avails best customer service
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Suitable for any car model
  • Affordable price
  • Designed with a rearview camera
  • Hands-free receiver
  • Excellent sound quality
  •  Lacks operation instructions and guidelines
  • It is not a touchscreen

 10 . UNITOPSCI Double Din Android Car stereo Receiver

UNITOPSCI Double Din Android Car Stereo Receiver

Have you been looking for a touch screen car stereo with an extra-large size? Look no more. UNITOPSCI brand car stereo model is designed with a 9” large screen which ensures all apps and texts are visible without straining. The quality of the LCD is top-notch, that is, 1080p. Some of its features include:

  • Reverse image

Various challenges are encountered during the reversing of a vehicle. First, you are always afraid of knocking something unknowingly as you reverse. Also, in some situations, you usually ask someone to direct you which causes major inconvenience. With this unit, all these concerns will be eliminated as the screen will automatically display your behind once you engage the reverse gear. This also simplifies the parking of your vehicle. The rearview camera is always included in the unit package.

  • Mirror link

The use of your phone while driving is a risky practice.  This is because it distracts your attention which is a major cause of accidents worldwide. Therefore, this unit allows you to protect your phone screen onto the stereo simplifying any application you might want to execute using your phone. It allows you to view all the data on your phone and even access your contact list in case you intend to call a certain person. It is compatible with all forms of recent android versions.

  • Bluetooth function

With this unit in your car, you will always be able to connect your phone with your car stereo. This function saves you a lot of hazards that may result due to using your phone while driving. Bluetooth connectivity will help you relieve the temptation of manually texting while driving. Also, you will get to enjoy great music and videos on your phone while driving. It makes it easier for you to keep your hands on the wheel as you can receive calls hands-free.

UNITOPSCI Double Din Android Car Stereo Receiver
  •  Has GPS navigation head unit to direct you
  • Sold with a backup camera video input
  • Has an FM Radio Bands with a frequency range between 87.5 – 108Hz and 18 preset stations
  • Highly reliable
  • Simple installation process
  • Has a built-in Wi-Fi
  •  Does not support AM bands

Buying Guide of Best Touch Screen Car Stereo with Bluetooth

For any car audio system to be perfect, it must possess an ideal stereo. With so many models designed in the modern era, it may be difficult to choose one perfect and suitable for your car. This article will help you narrow down to the best quality touch screen car stereo and make the right choice. Below are some of the key considerations you should make as you purchase the stereo.

  • Display size

Each driver wishes to avoid any form of distraction while driving. While choosing, identify a touch screen with a decent-sized display and of high quality. A bigger display guarantees little straining of eyes to check on what you want to tune as you travel. This is because its icons are usually large enough with graphics easily readable. Also, consider a display that provides information such as the album name, artist name, and song name. a display with a split-screen ability is most recommendable. However, the stereo should not be too large as it will occupy a large space of your car.

  • Compatibility

The reason behind purchasing a Bluetooth car stereo is to play music with your phone or tablet via your car audio system. Therefore, before you cash out on any stereo, ensure that all your devices (android devices and phones) are comfortably compatible with it. Besides, check if the rest of the devices used by your household are compatible with the stereo.  A good car stereo should properly function with both types of operating systems.

  • Voice activation

Your key objective is to perform any communication task with your eyes fully focused on the road. As you buy a touch screen car radio, ensure it can execute your vocal commands. Since it is hands-free and only engages your voice, you will be able to keep your eyes on the road and minimize the chances of an accident while in a phone call. Since the control system obeys your command, you will be able to change a CD and even perform any other task of your choice without encountering any inconvenience.

  • Backup camera

During a car reversal process, it is usually hectic to keep on peeping via the side mirror to check what is behind you. Besides, there are associated risks such as reversing into a block of wood or rock unknowingly thus injuring your car. A rearview camera will thus be a significant addition to your touchscreen stereo. Not only will it be helpful during parking but it will also draw your consciousness to any obstacle which might be in close range to your bumper.

  • Storage

Different models have different storage capacities. As you purchase, ensure you select one whose storage is expandable and by how much. With more storage, you will be able to store more music and videos into your car stereo. Music stored in the stereo can be directly played without necessarily pairing with an external device via Bluetooth or USB. This will prove advantageous if you don’t want to pair any device with the unit.

Other considerations include selecting one which has a Wi-Fi antenna, Equalizer as well as a wireless remote.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the use of a touch screen in a car?

Regardless of people’s perception about touch screens in-car stereo, the advantages always outweigh then negativities. With advanced technology, the introduction of touch screen receiver's in cars has been for the better good. Upon complete installation of this unit into your car, you will use it to perform various forms of tasks as follows:

Touch screen stereos are designed with onscreen GPS navigation which will always offer unbelievable convenience as well as assistance. They will always direct you to your desired destination. Besides, it allows you to install other navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze which all show the direction to certain regions. This feature enables you to travel to any region you may think of.

Besides the fantastic appearance the touch screen gives your car, it allows you to see any information displayed on your screen stereo at a glance, therefore, allowing you to quickly refocus on the road. The large display allows you to execute anything you wish as you travel. Compared to traditional car stereos, the touch screen stereo is easier to read. You can see what is playing as well as who is calling as you travel.  You can always respond to calls with your hands fixed on the steering wheel.

As opposed to traditional stereos, the stereo emulates the functionality of your smartphone. It will prove a great acquisition for keeping your hands away from your phone. The incorporation of a rear-view camera ensures you are acquainted with a clear view of what is happening behind you. It is excellent parking and reverses guide.

Can We put a touch screen radio in an older car?

With the current advancement in technology, almost everything is possible. The replacement of a traditional stereo with the touchscreen one is not an exception. You do not have to retain a vehicle’s stock stereo whereas there are advanced stereo models in the market. The features presented by the touch screen car technology are so appealing for anyone to miss. It is also impracticable to purchase a new one just because the previous one lacks a touch screen stereo.

However, the only limitation you may encounter is space-related. The initial stereos were usually small in size as compared with the touch screen ones. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you select a folding car stereo. In most situations, its size should be less than 7 inches.

A Kenwood brand touchscreen display unit would be the most suitable for an older car version. Its screen perfectly fits into the former dash. In case the space left is huge, you are free to select any kind of touch screen car stereo as long as it will fit without undue force which may damage it. A larger space can accommodate a lot more types of touch screen stereos. That is if it is a double Din size.

No matter the size you choose, it will always give your old car’s interior more life and creature comfort.

How much does it cost to put a touch screen in a car?

To begin with, a touch screen car stereo price ranges from $100 to $300. This is if you want to acquire one whose quality is top-notch. As you choose, identify the one which matches your taste and preference as there is a wide range of options. However, depending on your income you can select an advanced touch screen car stereo which comes at an hour price of about several hundred dollars.

The uninstallation of a factory radio is a simple exercise and you can do it all by yourself. Also, you can figure out how to install the aftermarket head unit with minimal or no issues at all. Self- installation of a touch screen car stereo will surely save you a significant amount of dollars that otherwise would have been spending on installation and labor fees. However, it is recommended that you seek professional help if you fear doing it by yourself.

Depending on the seller, some will freely offer to install the touch screen for you upon purchasing the item from their shop. Therefore, as you identify the product, you can as well find a seller who will offer the free installation thus saving on cost.

The installation process should not take more than 4 hours. This however depends on who is installing it. The best way of getting an accurate quote concerning touch screen stereo installation is by taking it to a car audio shop.

The Final Verdict

People enjoy when traveling in a car with cool music which rarely buffers. The sleekness of these gadgets and ease of application ensures you gain a certain operation breeze. Therefore, you will be able to feel the music all along your journey.  The ability to listen to any radio station of your choice within the frequency range makes it a more suitable unit worth digging into your pocket to purchase. The incorporation of advanced innovation and creativity in their design makes them a perfect choice for installation into your car. These touch screen car stereos will always ensure you enjoy every step of your journey.

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