Top 10 Best Yamaha Subwoofers for Sale Reviews and Guide 2024

Music brings out all the types of emotions in us. That is why people have developed interest and love for specific genres of music. Both the young and the old have also immersed themselves in creating songs that are loved and enjoyed by almost everyone. The sound system ensures that we get to listen to music and get the rhythm and the beat of a favorite song. However, getting the right sound system that offers crystal clear and vivid audio may be the tricky part. Subwoofers are attributed to being the best in producing immersive sounds with deep bass.In this review, we are going to look at the best Yamaha subwoofers for sale.

Top 10 Best Yamaha Subwoofers for Sale 

  • Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar, X Black
  • Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar
  • Yamaha HS8 Studio Subwoofer
  • Yamaha 8” 100W Powered Subwoofer
  • Yamaha 10” 100W Powered Subwoofer
  • Yamaha Subwoofer System Black
  • Yamaha YST SW215PN 8 inches
  • Yamaha ATS-1080 35”2.1 Channel
  • Yamaha ATS-1070 35” 2,1 Channel

 1.  Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar, X Black

Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar X Black

Yamaha Yas-207BL offers surrounding sound and lifelike immersion while watching TV shows, listening to music and playing games. This soundbar has unique characteristics that make various individuals love and appreciate the design and high tech features that make this soundbar the best. Yamaha subwoofer for car offers Sonic reproduction of the content, allowing you to get super clear sounds. The wireless connectivity of the soundbar via Bluetooth allows you to play from different smart devices with Bluetooth. The DTS Virtual X system provides virtualization of sound in different dimensions.


This soundbar has a simple set-up since you can connect your devices using the optic cable. When it comes to 4k HDR video, you can use the Arc HDMI cable. The Yamaha sub-woofer allows seamless streaming of music via Bluetooth version 4.1. You get to enjoy the surrounding sound produced by this soundbar, anytime you want. With its multiple connectivities, you will never miss a beat when watching your favourite movies or TV shows.


The Yamaha Yas- 207BL has DTS virtual X which provides virtual 3D surround sound. This sub-woofer also supports PCM, DTS digital sound and Dolby digital sound up to 5.1ch. With the bass extension, the low bass is boosted to produce powerful sounds. The sound can be adjusted at various heights. You get to enjoy the unique effect provided when you watch the 4K videos and even Dolby digital videos.


Controlling the sub-woofer can be done in three ways. You can control the sound and effect using the sub-woofer remote or free app available in the app store in iOS or play store in Android devices. You can also combine the use of the HDMI cable and HDMI CEC compatible TV. This offers great versatility to the users who may lose the original remote of the Yamaha sub-woofer yas-207BL.

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 2. Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar

best yamaha subwoofers for sale

The Yamaha YAS-108 soundbar has two built-in subwoofers, two tweeters and two woofers to offer deep bass in one soundbar. The six speakers enhance the clarity of sound, especially when watching TV shows or movies. It also has Bluetooth streaming of up to devices which can be switched at any moment. The coverage of Bluetooth is up to 33 feet. It also offers a simple set up to the users using the optic or aux cable and the HDMI cable. The DTS virtual offers 3D surround sound. The clarity of sound enhances spoken dialogue. This makes it the best Yamaha sub-woofer for the soundbar.

Sound System

This sub-woofer offers true sound from the deep bass and enhanced vocal frequency range. You can hear the spoken dialogue while watching your favourite movies or TV shows. The DTS Virtual X creates the lifelike 3D surround sound allowing you to be immersed on the games, TV shows and movies.

Awesome Design

The soundbar has two built-in subwoofers for clear and true sound. It has keyholes for easy mounting on the wall. It also fits perfectly and complements your TV. There is a built-in gyroscope in place to optimize the sound based orientation. The Yamaha soundbar has a very simple set up with the HDMI and optic cable included in the box as part of the accessories.


The soundbar can be connected wirelessly with two Bluetooth devices. It can also be connected with Alex, and 4K connectivity is made easier with the HDMI cable. The range of Bluetooth devices to the soundbar is up to 33 feet, allowing you to enjoy music while in your backyard. It also supports HDR pass-through and HDCP 2.2 to enhance compatibility with the latest TV models.

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 3. Yamaha HS8 Studio Subwoofer

best yamaha subwoofers for sale

This Yamaha subwoofer hs8s has various unique improvements made on the HS series subwoofers. It has state-of-the-art sound technologies that enhance the ideal sonic platforms. With its newly featured transducers, a smooth response is established on a wide range of bandwidth.  The amplifier unit delivers high-resolution sound on the HS8 studio speakers. It can be connected with unbalanced and balanced sources like keyboards, mixers and audio interfaces that have the TRS phone jacks or LR.

Design of the Device

The HS8 studio subwoofers have a low resonance enclosure design made of resilient and dense MDF. This offers damped acoustic response when performing on the stage. The cabinet enclosures design allows the elimination of unwanted resonance while increasing the accuracy of sound reproduction to the extreme limit. The sound reproduction of the HS8 studio subwoofer makes it perfect for the reference monitors. This sub-woofer is mainly used in events and church gatherings.

Noise Reduction

The vortex on the end of the port causes unwanted noise. That is why a good design has to capture on the port since it influences the overall sound clarity. The HS8 subwoofer has an advanced noise reduction technology incorporated on the speaker’s port.With the incorporating of such technology, a visual representation of sound can be made by Yamaha engineers. This provides an avenue for them to reduce and control the vortex.

Amplifier Unit

The amplifier unit has been perfectly matched with the transducers. The transducers utilize the advanced magnetic field design to offer seamless and natural sonic transitions. Bi-amp design of this subwoofer has a separate dedicated amp for the tweeter and woofer. Such a design allows the speakers to deliver high-resolution sound at a flat response. The sound response is provided across every sound spectrum. This makes the subwoofer speakers to be used in a hall or open area.

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 4. Yamaha 8” 100W Powered Subwoofer

best yamaha subwoofers for sale

The Yamaha subwoofer 8 inch has advanced high tech features incorporated in the 100W subwoofer. There are the advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II and Twisted flare port. These high-performance bass technologies are combined with the discrete amp circuitry. With these technologies in place, clear and accurate low-frequency sounds are produced for a live venue. The bass produced is also impactful and powerfully rich in clarity. It also has gold-plated TCA connectors that are corrosion resistant.

Twisted Flare Port

The twisted flare port allows smooth flow of air on the edge of the port while at the same time turbulent air flows around the conventional port. The resulting response is the production of accurate and clear low-frequency sound. There is also a reduction of extraneous sound that was not present in the original input signal. By taking advantage of the extensive subwoofer development, the twisted flare port provides high-performance bass.

Yamaha Active Servo Technology II

Tight, clear and realistic bass is provided in a live event, and the movie special effect sound when this technology is utilized. This is done through the combination of constant-current and negative impedance that drives the speaker cone on an even tighter control. The active servo technology further enhances the low-frequency signals produced by the subwoofer. The resulting phase is the production of high-quality sound and bass response.


This subwoofer has a high-quality 8" cone woofer unit for exceptional sound production. There is a subwoofer cable that connects the speakers to sound system, stereo receiver and compatible audio devices. The gold-plated RCA connectors are corrosion resistant making them last longer. The split-tip center pins provide optimal conductivity and pressure. PVC exterior is very flexible but tough. This 8 inch Yamaha subwoofer can fit in most spaces. That is why it is mostly used in live performances.

 5. Yamaha 10” 100W Powered Subwoofer

best yamaha subwoofers for sale

The Yamaha subwoofer 10 inch incorporates advanced technologies that include Twisted Flare port and Yamaha Active Servo Technology II. It has a stylish design which complements your Tv or room. The high-performance bass technologies produce rich sounds while watching movies or Tv shows. There is an acoustic effect in a live event when this 100w subwoofer is used. The subwoofer is engineered with extensive development experience to offer excellent sounds and bass that is clear and realistic.


The subwoofer has a stylish design from its rounded form with a slanted front surface. It offers an aesthetic value to your room with the black colour while matching the wide range of speaker systems that you may have. This speaker system also has 10" cone-shaped woofer for quality sounds. It can be used as an amplifier since it has a built-in crossover and phase.

Yamaha Active Servo Technology II

The advanced YST II technology combines negative impedance and constant-current principles that drive the speaker cone on an even tighter control. The advanced negative impedance converter dynamically optimizes speaker impedance to maintain effective linearity. Resulting effect is stable and more accurate long-range responses and higher quality sound. A lifelike movie experience and clear and tight bass in live performance or events are offered by this Yamaha 100 w subwoofer when the active servo technology is utilized.

Twisted Flare Port

The Twisted Flare Port takes advantage of the extensive subwoofer development made by Yamaha engineers. The twisted flared shape of the port allows smooth airflow around the edge of the port as the turbulent air flows around the conventional port. Through this process, the extraneous sound is reduced in the original input signal while providing clear and accurate low-frequency sound. A clear, tight and realistic bass is produced in the atmosphere of a live event.

 6. Yamaha Subwoofer System Black

best yamaha subwoofers for sale

This subwoofer has a rack-mountable design that matches the surround system. The Yamahas latest technology incorporated is the Advanced YST II and Linear port. It offers a high dynamic power of 100W and 35-160 Hz low-frequency response. The ultra-compact sub will easily fit on the shelf of your a/v rack or cabinet without sacrificing the floor space of your living room. The negative impedance converter provides a more accurate bass response.

Linear Port

The Yamaha yst-fsw050 produces smooth and progressive bass with minimum distortion. The sound output from the compact subwoofer is boosted from this port. This subwoofer handles high dynamic power so that you can hear all bass sound with high clarity even in the loudest short bursts. There are front-mounted controls which offer easy access to power control and volume. The level-line input combines with the linear port to reduce any port noise.

Advanced YST II

This particular technology utilizes the negative impedance drive and Helmholtz resonator. Low amplitude signals using the Helmholtz resonance principle allows output from the port to provide high amplitude waves. The precise wave amplitudes are normally provided by the amplifier that has special signals. The advanced negative impedance converter circuits allow dynamic varying of optimum values for the speaker impedance. This subwoofer will then produce rich bass sounds.

Compact Design

This ultra-compact subwoofer has a stylish design to complement your room. It is designed to fit on places where other subwoofers won’t fit. It can be mounted on a rack alongside the mini system and top or bottom of your furniture. This ends up saving the floor space where other subwoofers are placed. It is designed to fit well with other micro components such as the Yamaha piano. The down-firing design enhances the performance of this subwoofer. It is much slimmer when compared to other subwoofers.

 7. Yamaha YST-FSW150 B 130W

best yamaha subwoofers for sale

The Yamaha yst-fsw150 subwoofer comprises of Yamaha latest technologies. These technologies include the linear port, advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II and down-firing active design. The rack-mountable design of the yst-fsw150 matches micro component systems and front surround systems. The accessory stand allows vertical placement of this subwoofer. It has a high dynamic power of 130w and 30-150Hz low-frequency response. The subwoofer offers great basswhen watching movies or listening to music.

Yamaha Active Servo Design

The advanced YST II technology is based on two principles. When looking at the negative impedance principle, the precise waves that are offered by the amplifier cause the electrical resistance of voice to be reduced to zero. This results in a super bass being produced. The technology also utilizes the negative impedance converter to vary the optimum values for the speaker impedance dynamically. The Helmholtz resonance principle allows high amplitude waves to output from the port.

Linear Port

The conventional ports of the subwoofers are designed to allow the woofers to move. They do so by pushing air out when the woofers move to the back and suck in air when the woofers move forward. The linear port boosts sound output from the Yamaha yst-fsw150 while producing smooth and progressive bass with less distortion or noise. You end up getting a clear bass from the sound system when using this subwoofer.


The down-firing active design of this subwoofer best matches the front surround systems and micro components systems. The design allows it to fit perfectly on a low cabinet saving the floor space for other items. The subwoofer can also be vertically placed using the accessory stand of the subwoofer. It has a connectional system terminal for your devices and speakers. High dynamic power is provided by the 130W.

 8. Yamaha YST SW215PN 8 inches

best yamaha subwoofers for sale

This 250 watt Yamaha subwoofer features the QD-Bass technology and Advanced YST II. The advanced YST II offers powerful bass while QD-bass reduces any environmental disruption. The frequency response is 20-170Hz with a continuous variable high cut filter. It also has an integrated PWM amplifier for better sound output. The controls are placed at the front for easy access. There is a wide range of input and output for your speakers and other devices.

QD-Bass Technology

This technology utilizes down-firing drivers that have square, pyramid-shaped reflective sounds. The aim is to radiate effectively sound in four different directions. Any effects from the floor space and resonance from the floor to the subwoofer is negated and reduced by the reflective plates. This provides a powerful and smooth response from the Yamaha yst-sw215pn. Sound is also radiated effectively in all directions.

Advanced YST II

This is a unique technology where the PWM amplifier and speaker work together to cancel out any impedance. The speaker ends up having a perfectly linear motion. The advanced impedance converter makes the speaker cone to be driven in even tighter control. This results in improved overall performance, high levels of sound pressure from the unit and stable and accurate long-range responses. There will be the reproduction of an energetic and natural bass.

Continuously variable high-cut filter

The continuously variable high-cut filter can be easily adjusted by the user to set the highest frequency for a particular subwoofer. For this subwoofer, it can be set from 20 to 170Hz to allow the subwoofer output to match other speakers in your room. This offers a seamless acoustic presentation in the room. You will not experience differences in response frequency from your subwoofer and speakers you have in your room using this feature.

 9. Yamaha ATS-1080 35”2.1 Channel

best yamaha subwoofers for sale

This soundbar has two built-in subwoofers, two cone woofers and two dome tweeters for powerful sound output. It has surround technology comprising of DTS virtual system for a life like experience while watching movies, TV shows and listening to music. It supports three audio formats which are Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, and DTS digitals surround. The subwoofer offers wireless connectivity for wireless music streaming. Other connection can use the optical cable, 4k ultra HD pass-through and Analog or HDMI input.


The soundbar allows wireless streaming of music through Bluetooth on smart devices. The range is 33 ft without obstructions. You can use the 4K ultra HD pass-through to connect with 4K TV to watch your favourite movies or TV shows. The optical cable connects with conventional TVs, desktop or laptops. The HDMI cable is used to upgrade the DTS virtual X system.


By utilizing the built-in subwoofers, cone woofers and dome tweeters, a clear and crisp sound are produced. The auto-lip sync technology, music enhancer and bass extension provide the needed versatility to the user in one compact soundbar. You get to enjoy movies, TV shows, games and sports with the enhanced bass and sound from this powerful soundbar. There are also various sound options for bar speakers.

Controling Power

The Yamaha ATS-1080 soundbar has a volume control that is different from the bass. You can use the remote to vary the bass, sound and even the treble. There is also the Yamaha app available in the app store or play store for varying frequency response. The soundbar can be controlled with your TV remote using the HDMI cable. Losing the soundbar remote doesn't limit you from using this powerful soundbar.

10. Yamaha ATS-1070 35” 2,1 Channel

best yamaha subwoofers for sale

The 120W 2.1 Channel soundbar offers clear sounds and provides a powerful bass. You can stream wireless since it is Bluetooth enabled. The clear voice setting allows you to hear the dialogue in movies and TV shows. The sources of your devices can be from optic or aux cable, ARC-HDMI, Analog input and 4k ultra HD pass-through. They can be set-up easily using cables. The built-in subwoofers offer deep bass without requiring a second unit.


Running the soundbar is done in three ways. You can use the soundbar remote included in the box. It can be controlled using the Yamaha app available in the App Store for IOS and play store for android. With the app, you can select the source, control the volume, adjust the tone and the bass. The HDMI cable and HDMI CEC can be used to make various adjustments on the soundbar.


This Bluetooth enabled soundbar allows wireless streaming of music via Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet. The other devices can be connected using the HDMI cable, Optical cable, Aux cables, Arc and Analog cables. The cables are easier to set up and connect with various devices from TV, Desktop or laptop. You can also use the 4k ultra HD pass-through to connect with 4K TVs.

Sound Quality

The built-in subwoofers in the soundbar provide a powerful bass without needing another unit. The clear voice settings enhance the voice in songs and dialogue in movies or TV shows. Digital surround sound offered by the DTS virtual X can be adjusted to various settings like sports, games, 3D, games and movies. There is a port for an external subwoofer to amplify the sound produced by this soundbar.

Final Verdict

Subwoofers offer a rich and powerful sound when connected with other devices to listen to music, play games and watch movies or favourite TV programs. Getting the right subwoofer at a good price range requires that you look at the distinct feature of each subwoofer. This is because you need a lifelike experience in a live event or when watching TV o listening to music. A good subwoofer should provide crisp sound, deep bass without distortion and allow you to adjust the response produced at varying heights. We have reviewed some of the best Yamaha subwoofers available in the market. Check out which one suits your needs by going through the review.

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