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You recently purchased a car, the next step to take is to readjust its sound system.Probably you were not impressed by the sound system during the official launch of the vehicle. It is evident that most vehicle comes with poor quality installed sound systems, hence do not appeal, dull and unworthy. However, finding the best amplifier for your car is only said easier than done.

But here is the good news: the review focuses on five best 5 channel amplifiers car stereo. These products will add you a positive mood during your driving session.

Have a look!

1.     Rockville dBss 400 watt/2000 w RMSS

Rockville 5 channel amp

Rockville 5 channel amp

Are you aware that listening to music while driving is the best relaxing moment for you? If yes here comes Rockville dBss, one of the best 5 channeled amplifiers car stereo that provides the best sound output.

Rockville dbss is among the best car amplifier product that you can rely on for maximum and perfect sound inside your vehicle.This product has a wide variety of standard features which adds up to its excellent output sound-wise.

However, let’s have a look at the features of Rockville 5 channel amp.Maybe you can rush to your drawing board and decide if it suits you well.

High-speed power supply

Rockville 5 channel amp has a reliable power supply equipment. The function of the power supply gadget is to receive power in the form of currents from a trusted source. It then channels it to the amplifier load, which then delivers perfect sound to the car speakers.

Fully adjustable crossover with a different circuit

Rockville 5 channel amp has a crossover that split into separate circuits. The essence of this is to convert a specific audio input into several signals through apportioning the signs into bands meant for providing frequencies.

A full IC circuit controller

Tired of poor quality sound from while driving? Here comes the solution! The dB55 has a fully protected and controlled IC circuit which has an inbuilt professional peak. The function of this is to limit excess channel, thus reducing sound distortion and guarantees a crisp music playback at all times.

Has low pass filters (LP F)

The significance of an LPF is that it transmits signals with the frequency lower compared to the chosen cutoff frequency. At times you may call it high-cut filler (HC F) in audio applications.

LPF creates a smooth form of sound signal eliminating short term sound fluctuations resulting in long term classic sound trend.

 Voltage protection 

Buy a dBss5 channel amplifier for your car and save on your cash in the coming days.High voltage in amplifiers blows the IC. The device is designed to generate a low voltage tripping mechanism which protects the IC. It is obvious for fluctuations in Alternative Current (A C) to happen frequently.


  • Has an impressive owner manual to provide instructions to use
  • A one-year warranty card
  • Has four 8.1” head screws having rubber washes
  • Sound quality is superb
  • Power usage is low
  • Affordable


  • Hex wrenches meant for wiring not included during the time of purchase
  • Selective to some vehicles.

Final verdict

So far, so good, I can say that the amp is well done having the latest cooling sound requirements. Arriving at a best 5 channel amp car stereo has now been made at a pocket-friendly price.

You can buy this amp and install it in your car, sit and drive while enjoying listening to quality music.If you are looking for a high-quality amplifier for your vehicle, I would advise you to go for dBss 5 channel amp which is durable and meets international standards.Worry less! Go for Rockville dBss.

  2.     Rockford Fosgate Punch P1000X5 1000 Watt 5 Channel Amplifier 

Rockford Fosgate P1000X5

Rockford Fosgate P1000X5

Do not go for any amplifier in the market without considering the sound quality that it will produce. Some amps are built only to provide a sound which may not be convenient to a music fan.

One thing that nearly every driver does while driving is listening to music to clear their mind and make them active. You don’t have to be stressed anymore because you’ve met one of best 5 channel amp car stereo Rockford Fosgate.

This amplifier allows you to arrive at any best sound you want in terms of quality and clarity. This equipment has cool features that will attract you. Take a look at its review.

High-level input cable

Everyone loves fresh music when traveling. High input cables are the best towards reducing unwanted frequency noise resulting in a crisp sound in music. The smaller the wire diameter, the higher the resistance there will be to the flow of energy.

Frequency response

It has a constant frequency level ranging up to 20 Hz, which is more preferred compared to other amplifiers. You will enjoy the serene sound that is produced by its 18 db boost, which results in a fresh bass without too much vibration. We all want to take care of our ears.

Attractive size

It is a medium-sized 100-watt amplifier specifically meant to produce the best outcome in terms of sound. Fixing the amplifier in your car should not be a stressor at all. If you have handled other types of car amplifiers initially, you will know how stressful compared to Rockford.

Butterworth crossover

Rockford Fosgate P1000X5 has a butter worth cross over electronically circuit and can eliminate notes. Notes are under the frequency set of the filter. Furthermore, it performs best to keep unwanted noise in the car speakers.

Four gauge power connectors

The best thing to consider when purchasing an amplifier is the type of gauge connectors it is using. A Rockford fostgate punch amp has 4 gauge power connectors.

Using a four gauge connector is significant as it reduces resistance within the flow. However, this leads to maximum production of sound. The smaller the connector diameter, the higher the resistance thus reducing the flow of energy.

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  • Amazing sound having quality tons of power
  • Durable amplifier reducing future costs
  • Easy to use
  • Price friendly
  • Has installed four gauge power connectors
  • Has a unique outlook
  • Comes with a stereo sound system
  • Attractive black color
  • Has high input cable


  • Lacks wireless remote control
  • Doesn’t come with inbuilt batteries

Final verdict

Confidently, I can say that Rockford FosgateP1000X5d is one of the best 5 channel amplifier car stereo to buy. It produces fantastic music sound when appropriately fixed up with your car system and set up with its filters.

This amp is designed to produce cool bass (enough to be felt inside your car). It does not distort music as it is specifically built with features to eliminate bass vibration.

All of us are after some crisp sound and excellent bass while on a journey. That is the core reason behind investing money on unique products like Rockford fostgate amps.

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  3.     Kenwood Excelon X801-5 5-Channel Car Amplifier

Kenwood Excelon X805-5

Kenwood Excelon X805-5

Are you on a mission towards building an attractive car audio system that adequately meets your requirements? Drafting a full audio plan for your vehicle should not stress you up as you might develop the thought.

However, it can be a problem if you don’t go for the right amplifier for car speakers. But the solution is always there if you decide to go for one of the best 5 channel amp car stereo. Kenwood Excelon X801-5 5-Channel Car Amplifier.

This amplifier has attractive characteristics that contribute to the best performance. Read on its review, get inspired!

Three-way protected circuit

Do you know why powered gadgets that use electric currents are protected? If no, look at this! One of the key reason is that it protects your gadget from short-circuiting, which can blow the IC. Furthermore, it provides superior current protection as well as short circuit protection.


Whenever you are out to buy an amplifier, always give the class the priority before giving out your money. In the long run, you want to end up purchasing a long-lasting product that will serve you longer. Therefore, Kenwood Excel on X805-5has the best features that meet international standards.

Power output

Kenwood amp gives you a power output of 300 watts with 20 ohms. It has an overall power output of 1600 watts which gives energy to your car’s subwoofer, which results in a mind-blowing performance.

Well designed

Kenwood amplifier not only provides the best performance but also has an attractive car amp stereo size, color, and shape. If you take a comparison with the other types of amplifiers, you will spot some difference. Automatically, you will go for the best-designed amplifier. Kenwood Exelon X801-5provides these features


  • Easy to use and install
  • Small and easy to fix within your car system
  • Has a miniature look
  • Produces quality sound
  • Properly designed
  • Has a stereo sound system
  • Price friendly


  • You need to handle it with care to prevent damages
  • Some customers complain that it is selective to their cars

Final verdict

Are you aware that not all amplifiers you meet in the market work out best to your requirement? If the answer is yes, then why struggle with the other types of amps when Kenwood is one of the best 5 channel amp car stereo.

Consequently, it is easy to fix and simple to use as it features a robust construction. However, this creates a room for any person to control it in your absence.It’s not yet late. Hurry up while stock lasts. Take your time, invest, and go for Kenwood amp for quality and crisp sound during driving

   4.     Polk Audio PA D5000.5 900W RMS, 5-Channel Class D PA Series Car Amplifier

Polk audio amplifier

Polk audio amplifier

Listening to music while driving is good. It cools your mind creating an exciting ride during the long-distance journey. However, getting the best quality sound amplifier for your car is only said easier than done.


Among the best 5 channel amplifier car stereo, is the Polk Audio PA D5000.5 900W RMS. The amplifier gives you full desired quality sound features best for your comfort.

Polk Audio amplifier offers a review to help you understand better its features before concluding the car amplifier price to budget. Have a look.

High-performance audio upgrade

Quality sound is significant in music. Polk audio has an inbuilt high performing audio upgrade, which is essential for its performance. The importance of high-performance audio upgrade is that it enables you to raise the volume of the amplifier with no distortion.

Power output

Firstly, the most important thing to consider when purchasing an amplifier is its power output. Polk audio amp provides 100 watts ranking it to class A/B power amp. Furthermore, it has MOSFET, a power distributing device that makes the appliance use minimal current.

Built-in 5 channels

A 5 channeled amplifier can run up to two subwoofers with enough power. Also, it has an easy installation, saves on space, and time leaving your system much more comfortable and organized.


Most amplifiers lack guarantee because their purchase is from a non-authorized dealer. Polk audio amplifier comes with a one year warranty from an authorized manufacturer. Consequently, this allows customers to easily forward their concerns to the customer care desk, who quickly responds to their issues promptly.


Polk audio amplifier is a durable amp! Apart from its excellent performance, it has a proper corrosion-free surface having a resistance coated housing. This feature is vital as it helps customers save on repair costs experienced when you purchase other amps.


  • Has high-performance audio upgrade
  • Produces less heat
  • Low car amplifier Price which is pocket-friendly
  • Looks best when fixed on your car
  • Made to last longer
  • Provides loud and quality sound
  • It experiences a low power output
  • Built-in 5 output channels


  • Lacks manual
  • The amplifier contains harmful substances suspected to cause cancer

Final verdict

Based on car amplifier stereo, there are so many types of amplifiers you will find in the market. Some are original, while others are generic. If you don’t observe whatever you are purchasing, you might end up in regrets.

The trick is this: I’d recommend you to try one of these best 5 channel amplifier car stereo, Polk Audio PA D5000.5 900W RMS. It offers quality sound and low price compared to other car amplifiers for sale.

   5.     BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 Phantom 3700 Wat

bass phantom amp

bass phantom amp

It is a fact that some car amplifiers are fake. They don’t have a quality sound system, and so they end up discouraging you. The problem comes after spending too much on other amplifiers.

However, listening to music while driving brings a cooling effect to the brain to both the driver and the passengers. A Boss audio amp, therefore, is the best sound features that produce quality sound.

A boss audio system is among the best 5 channel amplifier car stereo that helps in adding some bass to music. Everyone inside your vehicle will enjoy the music. Here is a review of its features.

Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect (MOSFET)

What is a MOSFET?These are inbuilt transistors which are fast in switching from full to up to non-conduction in extremely high-efficiency output.

Furthermore, class A/B amplifier focuses on specific linear circuits. It improves sound quality, reduces distortion as well as improving efficiency leading to quality sound to the car subwoofer.

Switchable input

A boss audio amplifier has a switchable input. This feature is essential in providing an adjustable direction on the input from head signal input. Helps in arriving at a customized equality between power and sound quality.

Low power cross over

Boss audio systems have low pass filter, also known as an electronic circuit.The function of this is to remove the notes that frequently appears beneath the frequency set of the filter.However, the role of the significant filter is to get rid of high notes away from your car subwoofer.

Remote control

Boss audio amp has a remote control. Furthermore, this is a classic feature that most drivers admire as you can adjust the bass according to your taste.Furthermore, it permits you to adjust your car’s performance without spending too many funds.

Low and high-level inputs

High-level inputs accept signals from a radio factory that lacks low-level input. On the other hand, a low-level input connects cables to the unit.


  • The amp is bridgeable
  • It is a class A/B amplifier (uses less current)
  • Has installed bass boost
  • Has sub level control
  • High and low-level inputs
  • Remote control
  • Easy to use after installation


  • It is fragile hence needs much care
  • Has chemicals suspected to cause cancer

Final verdict

Finding a quality bass phantom amp at a friendly price can be stressful.A Boss amp offers you quality sound. Furthermore, it is a compact product which is easy to use after installation.However, it provides an efficient design to reduce current consumption.

I’d recommend you to fix boss amp, one of the best 5 channel amplifier car stereo and enjoy sweet music while driving. It is a product that meets the international standards as it offers the best features.If you initially faced difficulty on the type of amplifier to go for, the boss amp is the best. Go for it!

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