Top 10 Best Amps for Acoustic Guitar Buying Guides and Reviews

If you have an acoustic guitar, projecting the sound of its vibration, acoustically through the air is lovely. But it gets sweeter if you have the best amps for acoustic guitar since this will help produce the most excellent quality sound. The quality of your guitar needs to match with the amplifiers for the guitar that you choose.

Amplifying the sound of your guitar does not only make it enjoyable to play the instrument, but it also helps to relay your message in a bright and classic style. With the best amps for acoustic guitar, you will be able to add effects such as reverb, delay, and chorus to your music and hence attract your audience with no much hustle. You need to be careful when choosing amplifiers for acoustic guitar from the several available in the market. This guide will help you do that as well as show you the features and benefits of this critical equipment. Read on and choose the most suitable: 

  1.   Acoustic Guitar Amplifier by Fender

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier by Fender

This acoustic 40 amplifier provides you with portable amplification for acoustic-electric guitar and microphone. It is a great multipurpose amp for acoustic guitar that has two dual-purpose inputs. The tool allows you to plug in either a 3-inch or ¼ -inch pin cables to connect to two microphones or instruments hence produce the highest quality sound. It has other features, such as:

Simple and Flexible 

This instrument is flexible and straightforward, thus the best solution for most musical performances. It is easy to plug in even on the primary public address applications and can, therefore, be used as an onstage monitor if you combine it with a PA system. It is one of the good amps for acoustic-electric guitars that can be used with external audio devices since it has an auxiliary input.

6-inch speaker with Whizzer cone

This instrument is one of the best amplifiers with Bluetooth, and that also has a 6-inch speaker with Whizzer cone that helps to add clarity to the sound of your music. The instrument helps to make your acoustic guitar and vocals to produce the best sound quality. The speaker produces and radiates high-frequency content, thus making the sound of your guitar lovely.

Built-in chorus effect

This amp for acoustic guitar has a chorus effect that is in-built to help produce added shimmer and depth of the music sound. The instrument provides a beautiful volume and excellent quality sound that is sufficient for a small studio. The equipment also has enough capacity in a large practice room and hence ideal for use in any environment.


  • 40-watt amplifier
  • Can plug to both microphone and instrument
  • Includes a one year warranty
  • Simple and flexible
  • Auxiliary input for external audio devices
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Generic sound reverb

Why you should choose this amp

Fender Acoustasonic 40 is one of the best amps for acoustic guitars since it is compact and straightforward. It has convenient dual front-panel inputs that allow you to connect it to both instrument and microphone hence improve the quality of sound. The device is inexpensive, thus affordable and easy to use.

  2.   Boss ACS Live 60W Combo Amplifier

Boss ACS Live 60W Combo Amplifier

Boss ACS Live is a 60W amplifier for acoustic guitar that is ideal for singers and songwriters as well as guitar players. It has two independent channels, each having a different analog input stage. The channels also have separate three-band EQ section for excellent performance and each of them provides a ¼ inch guitar and chorus effect. The tool is among the best amps for acoustic guitars, and it has other features such as

Two XLR DI Outputs at the Rear

The Boss amplifier has two separate XLR DI outputs at its rear to connect to each of the two channels. The outputs have switches for mode selection, which help to output the channels mixed or send them separately with or without including any onboard effects in the signal, and thus they are good amps for acoustic guitars.

1/4 -inch stereo headphone output

The amps for acoustic guitars offer a 1/4 – inch stereo headphone that helps in recording purposes and also provides a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input. The input has an independent rear-mounted level control with three separate footswitches that are controllable through optional units. Each unit controls different aspects of the ACS live that include the looper and harmonizer control. The device also includes a USB output that allows you to record directly from the amplifier to your DAW digitally. 

Automatic Vocal Harmonies

This ACS live has a choral harmony function that produces real-time polyphony while you sing and play the instrument. The harmonies are automatically created as the amplifier scrutinizes the progression of your chord hence tuning them to your song’s key. This acoustic guitar preamp also has two types of harmony plus a unison setting that magnifies your voice. You can also achieve this effect by use of an optional footswitch.


  • Optional footswitch for activation of the looper
  • 60W bi-amp structure with a 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch dome tweeter
  • 2-channels with unique analog inputs
  • Acoustic resonance to restore natural tone

Why you should choose this amp 

The Boss ACS live is among the best amps for acoustic guitars due to its various vital features. It has a guitar channel that has acoustic resonance to help in the restoration of a natural tone. You will, therefore, need not strain to produce the musical sound that is quite appealing. It is, therefore, a must-have acoustic guitar preamp that is worth buying.

  3.   Fender Acoustasonic 15 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Fender Acoustasonic 15 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Fender Acoustasonic 15 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is brown in color, and it is a unique design speaker that has enhanced high-frequency response. It has two channels, one for the instrument and the other one for the mic, and this enables your guitar to produce high-quality sound. This amplifier for acoustic guitars comes with an instrument cable for a secure connection. The device has other features that include:

Chorus effect on the instrument channel

This acoustic guitar amplifier can bring together sounds from multiple sources and make them occur naturally as one. The instrument has an electronic effects unit that helps to stimulate the chorusing effect. You will, therefore, play your guitar without producing sounds that are out of tune and thus enjoy playing as well as attract the attention of your audience.

Headphone output

This tool is the best amp for acoustic guitars that has a headphone output to help improve your sound quality. The device supports the volumes to reach to listenable levels and sonic performance when you connect the headphones to your guitar. You don't, therefore, have to struggle with the production of an excellent tone from your instrument. 

Small and portable 

This equipment is ideal for you if you perform in different places due to its ultra-compact convenience. It is a small amp for acoustic guitars with the right sound, and you will, therefore, be able to carry it with you anywhere you go. It is portable and ready to deliver excellent tone and features for an acoustic guitar and microphone.


  • 2-channels with individual volumes
  • Inexpensive
  • Classic Fender look
  • Chorus effect on the instrument channel
  • 15 watts


  • Can’t be used for vocals

Why you need this amp for acoustic guitars

Fender 15-watts amps are the ideal equipment for all performers, especially if you need to carry it with you to different places. They are small portable tools with excellent sound that deliver great tone and features. The equipment is flexible and straightforward and can be used on a variety of music, and essential PA uses for small gatherings.

  4.   Acoustic Guitar Amplifier by Vangoa

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier by Vangoa

This device is among the best amps for acoustic guitars since it is portable and rechargeable. Its mid-size allows you to carry it during your performances. It comes with eight woofers, two coaxial speakers, and two piezo tweeters that help to deliver a vast, full, and natural-sounding for the acoustic guitar and microphone. Other essential features include:


It is possible to plug this amp for acoustic guitars to three different instruments simultaneously, for example, piano keyboard, guitar, and microphone. You will be able to achieve the requirements of several music styles due to the three-band balance of this tool. It also has a built-in reverb effect that ensures echo-like sounds that are natural.

40 Watt

These Vangoa guitar amps for acoustic guitars have enough power for all your needs. They can fit in different situations such as solo performance, live, practice, and studio. You can also get the freedom to regulate your sound and make it compete with that of other musicians without affecting the optimal operating range of your amp.


These amplifiers with Bluetooth give you the options of wireless connection, USB plug-in, CD/MP3 input, and phone input. These amps for acoustic guitars can fit in the various connection types and are convenient and useful with master control. The equipment also has headphone input for better sound quality, DI output, recording, and MP3 function.


  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Wireless connection, phone input, and MP3 function
  • Built-in reverb effect for natural sounds
  • Portable


  • May have a loud buzz

Why you need to choose this amp    

This device is among the best amps for acoustic guitars can plug in three different types of equipment simultaneously. You can use it with guitar, microphone, and piano keyboard together without affecting the quality of its sound. Being a 40-watt instrument, you can use it in various situations such as solo and live performances and practice or studio. It is an ideal amplifier for guitars.

  5.   Luray Acoustic Guitar Pickup

  Luray Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Luray Acoustic qualifies to be in the class of good amps for acoustic guitars due to its various features. It is made of real solid wood to produce high-quality sound. It is easy and straightforward to install to the guitar since it does not need any hole-making and does not need a battery. Other essential features of these amps for acoustic guitars include:

Good sound quality 

This tool is a passive sound hole pickup that is ideal for a 39-inch to 41-inch guitar with steel strings. It produces high fidelity sound without any hum, thus giving your music the clarity that it deserves. Though you control the volume from the amp, it is still convenient and straightforward to use.

Solid Wood

This Luray Acoustic Guitar Pickup is made from solid wood from a forest in Africa. The wood enhances the production of high-quality sound than other materials such as plastic. The machine is also easy to assemble since it does not need you to make a hole in your instrument. It is a good amp for acoustic guitars, and all you require to do is to clip it onto the guitar sound-hole.

No battery needed

With this amp, you do not need any expensive modifications to turn your guitar into an acoustic-electric. It is also one of the good amps for electric guitars, and it does not require any battery to function. The tool is suitable for all performances, and you will, therefore, use it anywhere without having any worry about recharging your batteries.


  • Easy to install
  • No need for expensive modifications
  • Made of real solid wood
  • Passive soundhole pickup
  • High fidelity sound


  • Does not have sound and tone controls

Why you should choose this product

Luray electric is a good amp for acoustic guitars that provide high-quality sound for your music. The tool is relatively cheap, and it is also easy to install and use. It is also made from real solid wood that makes it attractive and excellent in performance. The device is also a perfect choice when you plug into a portable PA system since it does not have any hum.

  6.   Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar 

Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar

Acoustic-electric cutaway amp for acoustic guitars is an excellent tool that is outfitted with a 4-band EQ-754R acoustic guitar preamp. It is designed with a linden wood top, sides, back, and wood neck. The tool gives excellent quality sound from your guitar for superior performance, and it is ideal for all acoustic guitars. It is also easy to use and install. Other features include:

41-inch full-size guitar

Electric Cutaway is a full-size guitar that is ideal for every player regardless of their skill level or experience. It can be used with best amps for acoustic guitars by beginners who may be looking for a perfect starter guitar, or it can also be used by pros looking for an instrument to utilize for practice. 

10-watt amp

The device includes the best amplifier for acoustic guitar and vocals that has bass, treble, and volume control. It also consists of an amp cable for a secure connection to other devices. You can be able to adjust the quality of the sound to match with your desire and also get the fines to tune with no hum.

Additional accessories

The instrument has extra accessories that come with it, such as a padded nylon gig bag that helps to protect it from dust-damage hence to prolong its life. It also has a guitar strap that allows you to hang it quickly as you play the guitar. The device also comes with a replacement guitar string, cleaning cloth for easy maintenance, digital clip-on tuner, and four guitar picks.


  • Easy to connect with amps for acoustic guitars
  • Clip-on tuner for high-end sound quality
  • 10-watt amp
  • Comes with a padded gig bag for protection


  • Tuning pegs could be stiff

Why you should choose the product

The Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar amp is beautiful and of high quality. It is an ideal choice for beginners as it is relatively cheap and easy to use. The amps for acoustic guitars are bigger and better than the majority in the market, and it is thus excellent for the production of quality sound. With the nicely padded gig bag, it is easy to carry and store the instrument without damaging it.

  7.   Aroma Mini Portable 5W Guitar Amplifier

Aroma Mini Portable 5W Guitar Amplifier

Aroma Mini portable is also among the best amps for acoustic guitars that offer you the quality sound and performance that you desire. It is a 5Watt output amplifier that is rechargeable and which has a built-in distortion and clean effect. The tool comes with a USB cable for recharging, and it can play for six continuous hours when full. Other features of this equipment include:


Aroma mini is among amplifiers for acoustic-electric guitars that are capable of reading a TF card of up to 32 GB. It can be used to play any format of music, and it has autonomous knobs for regulating guitar volume and tone. It has a built-in microphone and audio input as well as earphone output.

Recording function

It is possible to save the recording file in the TF card that is sold separately. With good amps acoustic-electric guitars, you will be able to store the music and listen to it by yourself. The device works well with both piezo and magnetic guitar pickups. It is also adjustable in both inputs and outputs, thus an excellent tool.

Easy to Carry

This mini amp for acoustic guitars is portable and easy to carry wherever you want to use it. It has a belt clip strap that makes it possible for you to be fixed onto your belt. The tool also comes with a stand-support that enables you to keep it firm while using your instrument.


  • Acts like a USB interface
  • It is both an amp and speaker and can be used with different
  • Flexible in both inputs and outputs
  • The clip can be turned into a stand

Why you should choose this amp for acoustic guitars

Aroma mini portable is the best amplifier for acoustic guitars that is flexible in both outputs and inputs. It is easy to carry, and you can, therefore, use it anywhere you go. You can use this amp for acoustic guitars with different instruments such as violin, banjo, ukulele, among other devices. It is also inexpensive and produces good quality sound.

  8.   PRO-LBT-500 Loudbox Acoustic Guitar Amp by Fishman

PRO-LBT-500 Loudbox Acoustic Guitar Amp by Fishman

This Fishman amp for acoustic guitars is a light and portable tool that has Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The device delivers the tonal quality that makes it stand out as a standard tool for excellent acoustic sound. The mini acoustic guitar has two channels that feature the Fishman’s celebrated preamp and tone control design. It has other features that include:

Lightweight and portable

Fishman amplifiers for acoustic guitars are light and portable, meaning that you will be able to use it easily. You can use the device at a local bistro or even in your studio or play a large jazz box through the amp or even a CD player. It delivers quality music sound for all instruments. 

Bluetooth connectivity

This best amps for acoustic guitar has Bluetooth wireless connectivity that allows you to quickly and neatly add backing tracks to your jams, practice sessions, and performances. With this connectivity, it is, therefore, easy to transmit music from other devices and play it on your instrument without any hassle or stress since they have a high sense of musicality and accuracy.

60 Watts and Excellent sound

Loud box mini is among the best amps for acoustic-electric guitars that have high power to enable it to perform for a long time. The 60 watts power allows the device to be used with several other powerful instruments and to produce high-quality sound. The tool is also able to create digital reverb and chorus effects for the instrument channel and better sound outputs.


  • Dual-channel
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • 60 Watts power
  • Production of quality sound
  • DI output
  • Lightweight and portable


  • No pocket for cable
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Why you should choose Fishman amp

Fishman amp for acoustic guitars produces excellent music, and it is also easy to set up for gigs even when there are no outlets. This amp is lightweight and portable, and hence you can move it around quickly wherever you want to perform. It is, therefore, a worthy investment for music enthusiasts.

  9.   Orange Crush Mini Guitar Combo Amplifier

Orange Crush Mini Guitar Combo Amplifier

The Orange crush mini is an ideal amp for acoustic guitars that is lightweight and portable. It is designed to provide you with a classic Orange tone in a small instrument. You can use it to warm up backstage on the road or for practice. You can even use it to give you that quality sound in your bedroom or any other place that you desire. It has additional features, such as:

Included accessories

The orange crush mini comes in a package that contains other vital accessories such as a 9-volt power supply to ensure continuous functioning of the tool with no interruption, an instrument cable to connect to your acoustic guitar, and a 24 pack of guitar picks. All these additions help to enhance the performance of this amp for acoustic guitars.

Redesigned Control Panel

You will be able to get full tonal control with shape, gain, and volume from the redesigned orange crush mini. When you back off the benefit and push up the size, you get a British crunch on this amp , while pushing up the increase gives you searing high. The shape control helps to boost the mids to fat ones through the scooped pitches.

Amplifier Add- Ons

The included power supply enables you to power this acoustic guitar preamp in your studio or at home hence giving you that classic sound that only the best amplifier for acoustic guitar and vocals can provide. You are also able to keep your tool free from dust by using the included Austin Bazaar polishing cloth. 


  • Has a built-in tuner
  • Has an external speaker output
  • Flexible, simple controls for volume, shape, and gain
  • It is battery-powered with 9V power adapter option


  • It may carry little sound

Why you should choose this product

Orange mini crush is a good amp for acoustic guitars since it is lightweight and portable. It is also inexpensive hence affordable for an acoustic guitar enthusiast, and it also produces excellent sound. You will also get a wide range of tones from the crush mini's three controls i.e., shape volume and gain.

  10.   Cool music DK – 35 Keyboard Amplifier

Cool music DK – 35 Keyboard Amplifier

Cool music is a multifunctional amp for acoustic guitars that is suitable for electric drum, acoustic guitar, and keyboard. You can use it for band rehearsal, personal practice, and gig performance, among others. The tool consists of reverb, 3-band EQ, gain, and tone controls to enable you to get the quality of sound that is excellent. Other features include:

Simple Elegant Design

CoolMusic guitar amp for acoustic and electric guitars is specially designed for active monitor speakers with percussion sources. It has a simple, elegant structure with cabinet configuration, two channels, and coaxial speakers that can output 10-inches powerful sound. It is an electric drum amplifier that is of high-quality standards.

Personal Monitor Amplifier

This amp for acoustic guitar has a 35 watts personal monitor amplifier that enables you to regulate the quality of the tones. It also has dual channels, built-in reverb that allows for level control, and even a main EQ with treble/bass controls. You can listen to music privately from this gadget since it has a headphone socket. An included DI output also enables it to be connected to a PA or recording.

Versatile and Portable

This best amps for acoustic guitar is a flexible and portable PA workstation combo that has an irregular shape style with a cabinet for drop resistance. The built-in 2-band EQ allows you to control the quality of sound to the required level. The tool is stable and gives exact brightness and lively rhythm toms.


  • Can connect to an external CD or MP3
  • Versatile and portable
  • Main EQ with treble/bass controls
  • Simple, elegant design
  • Ideal for electric drum, keyboard, and acoustic guitar


  • No Bluetooth

Why you should choose this device

This amp is relatively cheap compared to most tools that have the same features. It produces excellent sound for practice when using electronic sets, and the music is loud enough for church gigs or small stages. It covers a wide range of frequencies with excellent volume and no distortion.

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of music and love to play your instruments, then acoustic guitars are the ideal choice. You will be able to play your music effortlessly and produce the best result both to you and your audience. But it is never complete unless you have the best amps for acoustic guitars. When you use these tools, you will amplify the sound of music and cover a wide range of your area as well as improve the quality of the sound. You can use these devices also to act as amplifiers for cars as well as amplifiers for hearing to help you enjoy your fresh music in a relaxed manner and style. 

If you love to listen to music from wireless connections, then you can get amplifiers for Bluetooth that will allow you to listen to your quality music without the stress of looking for connecting wire. If you choose a good amp for acoustic guitars from the above list, you are sure to enjoy maximum quality sounds anywhere, and anytime!

Choose one and let only your imagination limit your music world!

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