Best 8 Inch Sub – Guide & Reviews in 2020

8 Inch Sub: Your old car subwoofer may have conked out. So what do you do?

It’s very likely that your car has an 8 inch sub, thus the easiest way to solve your problem is to replace it with another 8 inch sub. The best 8 inch sub is easy to install, and can provide your sound system with an extra bass.

For the uninitiated, an 8 inch sub is the smallest subwoofer available on the market. Most cars are equipped with one or two of this subwoofer. It gives good bass response and clarity.

But if you’re an audiophile, you may be disappointed with the level of bass that an eight-inch subwoofer adds. That’s not really surprising because given its size, an eight inch sub won’t have enough bass production compared to say, a 12-inch subwoofer.Still, an 8 inch shallow mount subwoofer is a very safe option for you.

This is very much true if you’re looking to replace your old car sub without having to go through the worries of installing a differently sized subwoofer.

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Recommended Product Reviews

8 inch sub

Editor's Rating:

Rockford Fosgate is a brand that you can trust if you’re shopping for high quality subs.

This 8 inch sub can deliver a punchy bass despite its size. It’s a great addition to depth-challenged cars.

Shallow Mount

One of the things I like about this subwoofer is its very shallow mounting depth-- at less than 3 inches (2-11/16 inches, to be exact).

Let’s just say there’s a very good chance it would fit in well in most compact cars. Its rubber perimeter, on the other hand, is very solid.

Some reviewers also suggest that installing it is easy, especially for the typical handyman. Hook up the four wires of this sub on the wires off the stock sub, and it should be ready to go. However, you may encounter some difficulties if the screw holes don’t line up in the factory scrub.

Sound Quality

Despite being small, this shallow mount subwoofer gets good ratings for its sound quality. I’ve read a lot of comments saying there’s very minimal distortion in this sub compared to the factory subwoofers installed in most cars.

Most reviewers also comment that the bass is very accurate. It’s not just rumbling that is typical in most cheap shallow mount subs.

Moreover, there’s no reported break-in for this subwoofer. You can expect it to perform well right away.

8 inch sub Kicker 10C84 (10C8-4) 8" Single 4 ohm Car Subwoofers

Editor's Rating:

One of the main selling points of this subwoofer is its price. According to Kicker, it is one of the cheapest subwoofers in its class.

With a very affordable price, you can’t blame yourself if you settle for this sub. But you may not regret the move at all considering the good qualities of this sub.

Build Quality

This subwoofer has a cone made of polypropylene. It is flex resistant, meaning it can retain its shape during low bass and high excursion.

It also has a double, yellow stitching, so that you can be assured of its durability even after years of use. It also makes the sub look premium-grade despite its low price. There’s also a tough steel basket providing the sub with a reliable foundation for its bass.

Sound Quality

Basing on the reviews on, this subwoofer has a surprisingly good bass production. Sure, it won’t make your car’s windows rattle, but it can generate enough bass to make you hum to your favorite rock or heavy metal songs.

You can expect some break-in period for this subwoofer. Some reviewers gave it 10 hours for break-in. Once the subs have been broken in, you can expect it to provide clean and accurate bass.

Many reviewers on also agree that this one is a lot better than the old factory subs in their cars.

Rockford P3SD48 P3 Punch Shallow mount 8-Inch DVC 4-Ohm 8 inch sub

Editor Rating:

This sub is part of Rockford’s Punch Stage 3 subwoofers known for delivering superior bass.

It may be the smallest in that line of products, but you will be impressed at how this sub performs. Plus, it can fit in small vehicles as well.

Build quality

This subwoofer has a cone made of anodized aluminum, making it light and easy to drive. Its cone is also rigid but capable of maintaining its shape even under extreme load.

It is designed to perform well, thanks to features such as Dual tear and fatigue resistant poly-cotton spider to handle heat buildup in the motor structure. No matter how long you’ll be cranking up the volume of your speakers, this sub should remain in tip top shape.

Shallow mounting depth

This sub will fit into tight spaces thanks to its 2-5/8 inches deep mounting depth. Basing on the comments on, it should fit perfectly in most cars to replace their stock subs. Most reviewers say they didn’t have to make any modifications using the screws that go along with the sub.

But you may have to make new drilling holes, depending on the vehicle type. Others complain that it didn’t fit the factory enclosure of their cars.

Audio Quality

As you would expect from an 8 inch subwoofer, it hits the lows well. Don’t expect it to produce head-pounding bass, though. Reviewers described the sound as deep and pleasant.

8 inch sub MB Quart DS1-204 Discus Series 400-Watt Shallow Subwoofer (8")

Editor's Rating:

This is another reasonably priced shallow mount subwoofer that I can recommend if you are on a budget.

Let’s just say you won’t be breaking the bank should you go with this sub.

The brand isn’t as well-known as Pioneer or Rockford, but basing on reviews on, the sub itself is a very good replacement for your car’s factory sub.

Mounting Depth

This shallow mount subwoofer has a mounting depth of just 2.8 inches. It won’t take up a lot of space in your car, so your passengers will be able to comfortably sit in your vehicle. Despite its small and compact profile, it can surprise your passengers with the kind of bass it produces.

This subwoofer produces enough bass to pair with a 300 or watt amplifier. It adds enough bass to your favorite tunes to keep you humming while you drive. Just don’t’ expect the bass to be earth shattering. I


Another good quality of this 8 inch sub is how easy it is to be installed. It’s called a drop-in sub, meaning you don’t need to modify it at all if you intend to use it as a replacement to your car’s factory sub. You simply have to wire it up in 2 ohm and secure it using the provided self taping screws.

8 inch sub Kenwood KFC-XW800F - 8" Subwoofer

Editor's Rating:

This is a super slim yet super powerful subwoofer that comes from one of the more prominent brands.

It should fit in nicely in a small, sealed enclosure what with its 2-3/4 inch mounting depth. Despite being small, I like how it produces serious bass output.

Good build quality

This subwoofer has a carbon glass fiber cone. There’s a honeycomb pattern that is designed to provide quick response without flexing. Around it is a beefed up rubber surround that is more than capable of maintaining control over the cone and limit the distortion caused by resonance.

Then there’s rock-solid housing thanks to its die-cast aluminum basket. It can allow lots of venting to keep the temperature of the sub in manageable levels no matter how long you use it.

You should have no problems connecting it to the amp with its silver plated push terminals. You could have it replace the existing factory sub in the door panel, or fit it under your backseat. With its small profile, finding a place for it won’t be a tough task at all.

Sound Quality

If we are to base our assessment of the sound quality of this sub on the comments on, then we can say this Pioneer subwoofer lives up to the good name of its maker.

Many reviewers on Amazon say it can produce a clean and tight bass. Admittedly, it is not as powerful as a 12 inch sub in a sealed enclosure but for the casual listener, this sub is worth every penny.

Final Verdict

These are all good quality, 8 inch sub that you can choose from if you’re thinking of replacing your default sub in the car. While these subs won’t be able to match up the bass production of a 12 inch sub, these subs are likely better than the existing subwoofer in your vehicle.

Installing them should not be much of a problem as well. So if I were you, I would start shopping for these models online, compare their prices and features, and chose the right sub for my ride.

Joe Carrow